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Homeschooling Essay

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After reading the argumentative essays: “An Argument against the Anna Todd Jennings Scholarships,” and “All the Time? Forget It!,“ I thought both Matt Daniels and The Student respectively, provided all the elements for this particular genre of essays. I agree with Daniels’ view that applying for the Anna Todd Jennings Scholarships further perpetuates racist ideas and students should not apply for the scholarship; and The Student’s claim, that allowing twenty-four hour visitation would be a violation of the student’s privacy and sense of security. The essays encompassed issues that appealed to the pathos, ethos, and logos; therefore, I was able to definitively choose a position.
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This coming from the very students the scholarship was intended for, would make a clear message to the University, that the student body will not tolerate any form of racism, even if it means turning down money towards their education. It simply is not worth compromising their morals, values, or beliefs.
In “All the Time? Forget It!,” The Student’s claim the biggest problem, resulting from the twenty-four hour visitation, would be a lack of privacy. I agree, having a visitor, regardless of their sex, in and out student living quarters (all times of the day) is a violation of ones privacy. Dorm residents should not be subjected to visitors coming to their dorms all times of the day because the dorms should be a place where they can retire at the end of the day without disturbances from unwanted guest. Therefore, it should be prescribed hours to accommodate the needs of the residents first and foremost. The Student points out the inconvenience of not being able to relax in pajamas, t-shirts and underwear or having to get dressed every time you have to go to the bathroom. At least, with prescribed hours, the residents will know when and when not to get fully relaxed and can plan accordingly.
Another excellent point she makes regarding twenty-four hour visitation is that, it makes it less secure. According to The Student, the doors would always be unlocked making the dorms accessible to people who do not belong there. She states, “These people might be anything from pranksters to criminals,” thus, putting the students at risk of being robbed or...

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