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Homeless And The Advocate Role Paper

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Advocates in the human service field help clients find services that can help not only them but also the client’s family. Advocates in the human service field are the voice of the people concerning policies at the local, state, and federal level. Advocates in the human service field have the interest of others in mind. Advocates help client’s change his or her life for the better.
Define Advocacy
According to "Wisconsin Clearinghouse for Prevention Resources" (n.d.), “advocacy occurs when someone does an act of pleading for support or recommending. It represents the strategies devised or actions taken and solutions proposed to persuade decision-making at the state and local level to form a positive change for people and their environment” (What is Advocacy). Advocacy also means a person ...view middle of the document...

” The homeless population is interesting to me. The city of Atlanta has a large amount of homeless people and many of them are families with children. Many individuals in Atlanta are homeless because of financial and economic problems, drug addictions, domestic violence, and etc. As a result of these problems individuals lost their jobs and their homes. Homeless people have poor eating habits and have bad health.
Assisting the Homeless
As an advocate I will make sure the client knows that there are nonprofit organizations that will help with housing. I will give the client the name an organization willing to help the client get off the streets. Some nonprofit organizations require individuals to be drug-free to get help. I will contact treatment facilities in the area and do whatever is necessary to get the client enrolled the treatment facility. If the client is in need of medical treatment I will get the client set up with a free clinic. If long-term medical care is needed I will make sure the client is referred to the Department of Human Services in the area, this way the client can apply for Medicaid.
Advocates are able to help decrease the homeless population. In order for this to occur advocates have to make sure that he or she is making the clients aware of community resources and services that are available to them. Advocates help client’s overcome personal obstacles in his or her lives that are causing the client to be homeless.

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