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Homeland Security Essay

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Col. Randy Larson, renown author and Director of the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Center, speaks on an in-depth prospective of the field of homeland security and factors that drive the continued efforts to address future threats to the nation for the 21 century. The area of focus presented in the interview are the various ways an individual may enter the field but are not limited to a particular area of study. For example, health care, agriculture, or political science, there is essential no set track for finding a career in homeland security. Challenges surrounding area of homeland security are the mounting financial burdens and the need for the appointment of leadership at a national ...view middle of the document...

The belief that there are an increasing number of terrorist groups who are actively seeking to acquire, build and use weapons of mass destruction (WMD) against the United States homeland, heightens the need for a constructed quality system. Larson explains the urgency for the needs to anticipate and react to these threats (n.d). Sadly, enough he also explains the nation’s current state, no executive leader or groups has solely responsibility for the deployment of a plan to safeguard millions (Read & Shapiro, 2014). After congress received a failing grade in homeland security, it is clear that a need exist to construct a shared process of pooled resources, especially in a troubling economy (Larsen, n.d.).
The topic of financial responsibility is one that at is not easily address in homeland security. Some would make the statement that it is the job of the federal government, others would say that the state has to eat the cost, and others would express the local governance should take care of the tab for the safety of their people. After analyzing, the answer of financial responsibility is one of shared responsibility throughout each level of government (Larsen, n.d.). The Department of Homeland Security (Written testimony of DHS, 2013) financial management community has a shared, related, and interdependent responsibility to deliver efficient financial management, and to ensure funds are obtained, allocated, and expended effectively and in accordance with Department priorities and applicable law and policies. During an interview session of the Chief, Financial Officer for the Department of Homeland...

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