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Monica Douglas-Edwards
Week 2 Homework
1. How dose Miller fit the profile of the average fraud perpetrator? How does he differ? How did these characteristics make him difficult to detect?
a. Miller fits the profile of the with collar criminal, he is a typical business person that has committed fraud. Throughout his career he has resorted to fraud. I really don’t see that he differ that much from the average white collar criminal, to go on what Miller states is that he felted like it was a disease that he could not help himself. He was for the most part regarded as an ideal employee who was dedicated, hardworking and trusted. So, on one really thought about checking up on him ...view middle of the document...

Miller says he had a great need to be admired and liked by others.
4. Miller had a fraud T-Shirt in his offices that said, “He who dies with the most toys wins.” What does this tell you about Miller? What lifestyle red flags could have tipped off the company to the possibility of fraud?
d. The shirt in his office should have been a red flag to begin with, true it does hold humor to some but if it was my company and I walked in and saw that I would have to have someone check up on him. Other red flags should have included the expensive wardrobe, the big tipping, the cars, and gifts to family and friends unless you were a friend of his you probably would not have known about the houses. Also you cannot really tell about the vacations unless he was a bragger.
5. Identify several reasons why companies hesitate in prosecuting white collar criminals. What could law enforcement officials do to encourage more rigorous prosecution of white collar criminals?
e. Companies hesitate may hesitate prosecuting white collar criminals because of the back lash on the defendant, their families and the company. The company may lose contracts and customers.
f. Law enforcement officials can encourage companies to prosecute white collar criminals by working...

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