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Home Work Essay

400 words - 2 pages

|ITA135: Networking 2 |Lab |
|Router Lab 1 | |

Name __Will Bolin_____

1. Plan the IP addressing for the lab. You will need to identify two different /24 networks to use and one /30 network. You may use any address ranges. (12 points)

|Mask |Network Address |First Usable IP |Last Usable IP |Broadcast Address |# Usable Hosts |
|/24 | ...view middle of the document...

168.3.2 | |2 |
| | | | | | |
| | | | | | |

2. Create the following network using a 2600 router named Pittsburgh and two 2950 switches named FirstFloor and SecondFloor. You do not need to make any configuration changes to the switches apart from changing their host name. The Router interfaces should be assigned the first usable IP address in each /24 network. The PCs can be assigned any IP address in the respective /24 range (PC1 should be assigned from the same network as FA0/1 and PC2 should be assigned an IP from the same network as FA0/0. Fill in the below diagram (2 points).

Key configuration steps
• Change the hostnames
• The Router interfaces will need to be brought up and configured with their IP address

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