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Home Visit Essay

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On the 16th of June 2008 I undertook a home visit to see Mrs. Janet Smith, a 35 year old who lives with her husband and children in a suburban home in the outer east suburbs of Melbourne. Janet was recently involved in a car accident four days ago, on June 12th. She was admitted to hospital with multiple abrasions covering her hands, legs and face. One of the abrasions on her right leg has become infected and she has developed cellulitis to the left leg. Janet was moved to Hospital in Home Care two days after admission at her request as her husband is finding it difficult to cope with the children and the housework.

On the 15th of June I engaged in a phone conversation with Janet who ...view middle of the document...

Janet’s pain is making it difficult for her to walk unaided and requires full assistance with her activities of daily living. Currently her husband is assisting her. Janet has reported only sleeping four-five hours a night due to pain, when she generally sleeps around eight hours a night. She also mentioned she is feeling worried about how Mike will manage with the kids without her assistance.

There are a number of actual and potential risks that I have identified based on Janet’s pain.

1. Janet shows an actual risk of activity intolerance and decreased mobility due to difficulty walking and difficultly performing activities of daily living as a result of pain in her leg.

2. Janet shows an actual risk for falls due to pain. Janet is experiencing difficulty walking unaided, which puts her at risk of a fall.

3. Janet has a potential risk for impaired wound healing: Janet is experiencing pain that can impair the wound healing on her already infected leg.

Critical Thinking:
According to Beaumont, Marsh & Panetta (2011, p. 201) the social model of health is an approach to health care that attempts to address the broader determinants of health, rather than focus on disease and illness. The model encompasses five key principles. One principle is: Acts to enable access to health care. It allows for all people to have access to health care, regardless of their social situation. (Beaumont, Marsh & Panetta, p. 203) It aims to provide health care that has a ‘central principle’ of equity, which aims to equalise ‘inequities that lead to disease and illness.’ (Kralik D and Van Loon A, 2011, p. 15) The community nurse needs to provide holistic care, (Mosby’s Dictionary, 8th edn (2009, p. 885) define this as patient care that considers ‘the physical, emotional, social, economic and spiritual needs of the person; their response to illness and the effect of the illness on the ability to meet self-care needs.’ Doing this allows the nurse to gain a full understanding of Janet, allowing her to provide accurate care to help improve Janet’s’ overall health and well being.

Hospital in the Home improves access to health care, as it allows patients to receive health care regardless of their social situation. (Beaumont, Marsh & Panetta, 2011, p.203.) Hospital in the Home patients are ‘regarded as hospital inpatients’ where treatment is offered in their own home. (Department of Health, 2012.) In Janet’s situation she is...

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