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Home Security Essay

1358 words - 6 pages

Home Security Vulnerabilities
DeVry Online, SEC310
Professor Kathryn Fenner

The neighborhood I have lived in for the past three years is southwest of Chicago. The main benefit of living forty-five minutes from the city is the peace and quiet. It is an old farm town with newly built homes. The population of Lockport houses approximately twenty-five thousand residents. The town is very quiet, with two lane access roads throughout much of the city. The traffic is minimal, the stars are visible at night and the sound of horses and roosters in the morning are what make residents feel a sense of security. When walking through the neighborhood, it is not out of the ordinary to see garage ...view middle of the document...

The subdivisions are not gated; however police do patrol the area regularly. The homes in this area do not have a front yard fence, yet most of them have a backyard fence. Criminal activity is relatively low. In 2012, the City of Lockport reported four robberies, forty-four burglaries and two hundred sixty-four thefts.
The subdivision I live in has a Facebook page that is managed by two residents. To ensure it is only residents, they audit the people on the page to verify they still reside in our community area for safety reasons. Not only has social media helped us all to get to know neighbors that do not live within throwing distance, it has helped us come together as a community of residents that care. In recent weeks, a neighbor had thousands of dollars in tools stolen from his garage. This happened overnight while he and his family slept upstairs. Since then, folks have banded together as a make-shift Neighborhood Watch and have posted strange activity; whether it was a suspicious vehicle or individual walking around. There is a bit of calmness knowing that the individuals in your neighborhood are friendly and look out for one another.
The biggest deterrent is a home security system. While I personally do not have one, I do have battery operated sensors for all doors. The alarm will sound when turned on and the door opens. I also have stickers in the windows showing that I do have a home security system. There are so many options for personal home security that make it easy for homeowners to monitor their home while they are away. Xfinity by Comcast now offers home security. Some of the available options include motion sensor lights and in-home cameras. The options to log in online and update the security settings have made this a cost effective, marketable item to make homeowners feel safe and secure. Home security statistics tell us that burglars will usually bypass a house if it requires too much effort or more skills or tools than they possess.
Doors can also be a big vulnerability. There are four doors; including the door through the garage that allow entrance into my home. There is the front door, the back door, the garage door, and the door inside the garage that allows access into the house. The garage door has a keypad with a 4-digit code that allows access into the garage. It is locked and cannot be opened manually unless the correct code is entered. The front doors metal with a lock on the doorknob as well as a deadbolt. The glass screen door also has a lock that is always in the locked position. There is a main window on the first floor which always remains locked. During warm weather, the window is closed and locked if we leave the house for any amount of time. There is also a sliding door leading to the backyard. This has a standard lock as...

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