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Home School Vs. Public School Essay

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Home schooled children are more advanced than children attending public schools.
There are advantages to home schooling that can not be offered by public schools. The purpose of this paper is to bring awareness to some of the areas in which the statement , "Home-schooled" children are more advanced than children attending public schools, are supportive. Interest in this topic mainly are generated due to the decline in the public school system. As a parent of a current ninth grader I am saddend by the issues that children have to deal with in order to receive public education. Home schooling is defined as, ‘an education that is provided outside a ‘normal' school environment’. This ...view middle of the document...

Parents believe that home schooling is a way for them to control their children’s influences by allowing them to learn more mature interaction skills by socializing with adults.

Social Awareness
It's a common belief that home schooled children will not develop the proper social skills to enable them to interact with others later in life. Students are being faced with so much violence and crime in today's public school system that parents are forced to find a suitable alternative.
My current ninth grader often complains about the envirnoment in the classrooms make it difficult for her to pay attention and stay focused so she could learn. " Some students are disruptive and their behavior affects the entire class. The teacher often has to stop teaching and her attention is now focused on the disruptive student. Teacher is sometimes frustrated after this and it takes time to get back to the lesson. Porsche Brown CMS 9th grade.
A few advantages to homeschool:
Greater freedom to express your spiritual beliefs. Children often become more independent and more responsible with their behavior, the influence of peer pressure is reduced, vacations and trips can be planned at the families convenience, families can spend more time together, and there is usually less stress because the children don't have to rush out of the house every morning.
Intellectual freedom to teach lessons and subjects appropriate to your child’s interests and encourage natural curiosity. Many children that are home schooled today have formed their own social clubs. There are things ranging from their own basketball teams to 4-H Clubs.
In public school vs. homeschool, your child will probably get more rest. Children are able to focus and absorb what is being taught, when they are well rested. The typical public school student spends 367 hours (more than two hours a day) in activities such as lunch, recess, and class changing. Homeschoolers have very strong test scores...

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