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Home School Vs. Public Education Essay

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Although both can provide a good qualified education to their students, there are many differences between home schooling and public schooling. These differences can either hinder or improve a child’s way of learning and developing. If children find themselves to distract while being in a classroom with their peers, may be the better choice. To start the first thing that comes to most parent’s mind is the amount of time, and money that you have to put in when it comes to choosing. When it come to home schooling, you do spend a lot of time with your children, which is not bad. There are also pros, and cons of public education with the pros being the child is receiving an education from a ...view middle of the document...

A parent teacher of a home school student must have graduated from high school. They will plan out there syllabus for the subjects that are being taught, or they can purchase course material. For example my aunt told me that while growing up she was home school. She says that its an experience she didn’t like because she didn’t get the chance to meet any kids to make friends. She says it was a hard life but she did good and that if she could do it over she would at a public school. I myself been to a public school all my life and It was ok . Public school has set times and days the child has to attend. Attendance is part of the public school system that you also have to complete in order to pass. Home school is less strict, and can be anytime the parent chooses and for how long at a time. Attendance does not matter as much as making sure the subjects are being learned.

Another idea that public school offers that home based schools do not, are the extracurricular classes and sports. This allows the child to learn social skills that cannot properly be taught when not in a social setting. Public schools are primarily a free education, except for the school supplies and uniforms that you will have to get if that school had a dress code. Home schooling might cost more when it comes to paying for education, but the time with your child is priceless. The extra time with your child when your home school can have other effects as in the way they act and how they learn. Some...

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