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Home School Versus Public School Essay

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Home School vs. Public School

Tanika Lewis


October 30, 2011

Theresa Kwan (Zangara)


Public school vs. home school, which type of education is right for you? This subject brings

heat to debates throughout the world. It touches people with personal experiences, parents, and

teachers point of views. My comparison of public school vs. home school may help parents

decide what the best option for the family. Without Parent Participation the child could not

achieve a level of education. There are two very important things to follow before deciding on

the system of education. First, analyze the child, or children to be educated. Do the child
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Also, Public schools has larger events and more

resources in some areas.

Advantages in home school are kids are academically advanced due to one-on-one attention

from the teacher. Also home school teaches the individual to learn on their own, teaching them

selves. The parent has more time to choose the programs and can explore more advanced

subjects. The parent has no problems with bullies, bad behavior from kids outside. The parent

has a stronger relationship with child by doing things together. The parent is in control of

curriculum that need to be focused on the level of individual. Home schools associations provide

access to other home schools to develop social skills. Home school has more flexibility for trips,

scouts, community events and so on.

There is a combination of throw backs for both type of education. The dis advantages of public

school is the kids are influenced by peer pressure. The kids are not academically advanced be-

cause the teacher has many students. The individual might have issues with bullying. If the child

don’t comprehend the subject they could get left behind. Public school has drop outs, and high

violence rates. Kids have less independent learning because public school chooses the

curriculum. Public has low quality of education. Many people feel public school teach education

to the lowest denominator which means smart kids loose out.

Dis advantages of home school are it could be a financial strain. Parents try to keep the child, or

children actively involved some parents that don’t socialize with their children. The parent may

not be qualified to...

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