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Home Office Controls Essay

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Home Office Controls

The Hierarchy of the Restaurant

This paper represents business control systems used at a restaurant owned by my family where I worked as ‘Assistant Manager’. Owner claims that the basic concept aligned with these control systems is staffs are sharing and splitting responsibilities and risks according to the hierarchy of the restaurant, in order to increase efficiency and restrict improper behaviors.
As a senior management, the owner is taking care of the money management, including paying the payroll and taxes, banking transactions, shareholder investment, or loan. The owner of the restaurant periodically reviews the business bank statement and financial ...view middle of the document...

If they didn’t get enough tips for shared amount, it should be subtracted from the total amount of tips they received in two weeks. For every two weeks, manager compares server slips and reports on POS system. Manager may adjust the slips if server made mistakes on calculations and get confirmation with servers in the staff meeting. Manager gives every server the total amount of tips and payroll by cheque during the staff meeting.
The purposes of this control strategy are to increase the customer satisfaction since the servers are responsible for certain amount of tips and increase efficiency of cash control. This server slip system may cause dissatisfaction of servers since servers are responsible for shared tips. The major complaints from servers was that they felt unfair since kitchen staff and manager are getting shared tip even the customers didn’t pay enough tips to share and this doesn’t guarantee certain amount of tips for servers. Correspondingly, it may also cause conflicts between the servers since they prefer to serve the customer who has known to pay a good tip.

b. Time management and schedule control
As shown in the hierarchy of the restaurant, manager takes care of schedules of assistant managers and chef. Assistant manager is responsible for scheduling the shift for hall staffs and Chef is responsible for kitchen staff. The purpose of schedule control is to keep the labor costs as low as possible and run the restaurant without any shortage of labors. Assistant managers and chef can effectively control their staff’s shift with flexibility since they are direct supervisors and know the field work.
Every staffs should clock in to POS when they start and clock out when they finish their shift then POS automatically records working hours for each staff. After 2 weeks of schedule has done, manager compares the schedule sheet to the time sheet reports from POS. And Manager uses this information to prepare wage payable documents and provide them to out sourced accountant. Accountant prepare the paystubs and cheques according to CRA rules and sends them back to restaurant for manager to review and hand over to staffs at the staff meeting.

c. Inventory control
Every closing staffs have responsibilities for closing lists which include cleaning, record server slips for servers, and inventory check. Hall closing staff should check the inventory and record the number of inventory. For a hall, assistant manager compare the sales record on POS system which shows how many inventory items sold with the inventory lists that prepared by closing staff. If inventory level is low, assistant manager prepares the list of items that need to be ordered. Kitchen closing staffs have document that shows the list that need to be done for next day and closing staff prepare that document for opening staff. Kitchen...

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