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Home Maintenance Program Essay

782 words - 4 pages

Home Maintenance Program
Nicole Chambers
Andy Labance
Pharia Reed
James Johnson

Have you ever finished cleaning your house, sat down to relax and then suddenly remember ‘I forgot to mop the floors’? Using this program will ensure that missing a step while cleaning your home is a thing of the past. We are going to use cleaning the kitchen as our example, and the way this program works is it will tell you in a sensible order to complete all of the required cleaning tasks to clean your kitchen properly, so that you’re not i.e. cleaning the floors then wiping counters and messing up the floors again.
The first step this ...view middle of the document...

Please see the Visual Logic File named ‘Team Visual A Logic Final” that is contained in the compressed Zip file with this paper.
This program contains many modules and each of them is repeated throughout the program. The first module you will run across within this program is an “Output”. This module is informing you of something you must do in order to move on in the program. For Example the first Output in our program is “The first home maintenance task you need to complete is washing the dishes.” This is informing you that the first thing you must do is wash the dishes before you may proceed.
The next module you will see within the program is an “Input”. This input essentially asks you a question, such as “have you washed all of the dishes?” and you must answer that questions with either a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. If you were to answer the previous question with a “Yes” the program would then provide you with an output informing you of the next task in the home maintenance cycle you must complete. If you were to Answer ‘No’ you have not washed the dishes the program would provide you with an Output informing you that you must complete washing the dishes before you are able to...

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