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Home Education Learning Philosophy Essay

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Home Education Learning Philosophy
We believe that we can best cater for our child's individual intellectual, social, emotional, physical and spiritual developmental needs, as we 'know' our children best and love them.
We will provide a learning environment rich in educational resources and opportunities, catering to their individual learning needs and styles.
It is our desire to allow our children to fully develop all of their unique talents and abilities by providing them with a non-competitive environment to enable them to learn at their own pace.
We aim to offer a broad and basic education which will serve as a platform for continuous, lifelong learning, and launch our children into ...view middle of the document...

Our home learning program will promote an awareness of, and responsibility for, personal care, hygiene, safety, relationships, and citizenship.
There will be an emphasis on effective communication through language development - reading, writing, listening and speaking; skill and process building, comprehension and critical appraisal; drawn from everyday activities meaningful and relevant to the children's immediate life, and supplemented with chosen educational material, texts, workbooks, and resources suitable to their personal developmental levels.
Attainment of mathematical skills and understandings in number, space and measurement will occur through daily activities; art/craft (technological) projects, play, games, and also progression through chosen maths texts.
There will be a focus on environment and science, drawn from personal and cultural interests, and conducted through practical investigation and experience, research and reporting. Extensive use will be made of community and environment resources.
We will encourage personal responsibility, an understanding of social structures, the need for law and order, conflict resolution, tolerant and co-operative behaviors.
Attention will be focussed on personal hygiene and physical development, personal health and nutrition.
Resources & Evaluation
We will pursue subjects and activities of general interest or focus, using a variety of activities and learning styles and resources, following the children's inclinations and interests as they develop.
We will make use of the whole home, including outside, with specific areas set aside for study, storage of resources, display, project work in progress, specific activities (study, work and recreation), etc.
We will introduce activities and lesson plans in...

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