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Home Computer Security Essay

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Home Computer Security -- Glossary
Note: This is an historic document. We are no longer maintaining the content, but it may have value for research purposes. Pages linked to from the document may no longer be available.Home Computer Security       Glossary |
This section contains definitions of terms used throughout this booklet. Unless otherwise stated, the definitions come from the Webopedia Online Dictionary for Computer and Internet Terms.
ARPAnet | The precursor to the Internet, ARPAnet was a large wide-area network created by the United States Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA). Established in 1969, ARPAnet served as a testbed for new networkingtechnologies, ...view middle of the document...

This is not particularly efficient because it is possible to eliminate many possible routes through clever algorithms.Although brute force programming is not particularly elegant, it does have a legitimate place in software engineering. Since brute force methods always return the correct result -- albeit slowly -- they are useful for testing the accuracy of faster algorithms. In addition, sometimes a particular problem can be |
bug | An error or defect in software or hardware that causes a program to malfunction. According to folklore, the first computer bug was an actual bug. Discovered in 1945 at Harvard, a moth trapped between two electrical relays of the Mark II Aiken Relay Calculator caused the whole machine to shut down. |
CD-ROM | Pronounced see-dee-rom, abbreviation of Compact Disc-Read-Only Memory. A type of optical disk capable of storinglarge amounts of data -- up to 1GB, although the most common size is 650MB (megabytes). A single CD-ROM has the storage capacity of 700 floppy disks, enough memory to store about 300,000 text pages.CD-ROMs are stamped by the vendor, and once stamped, they cannot be erased and filled with new data. To reada CD, you need a CD-ROM player. All CD-ROMs conform to a standard size and format, so you can load any type of CD-ROM into any CD-ROM player. In addition, CD-ROM players are capable of playing audio CDs, which share the same technology.CD-ROMs are particularly well-suited to information that requires large storage capacity. This includes color large software applications, graphics, sound, and especially video. |
cable modem | A modem designed to operate over cable TV lines. Because the coaxial cable used by cable TV provides much greater bandwidth than telephone lines, a cable modem can be used to achieve extremely fast access to theWorld Wide Web. This, combined with the fact that millions of homes are already wired for cable TV, has made the cable modem something of a holy grail for Internet and cable TV companies.There are a number of technical difficulties, however. One is that the cable TV infrastructure is designed to broadcast TV signals in just one direction - from the cable TV company to people's homes. The Internet, however, is a two-way system where data also needs to flow from the client to the server. In addition, it is still unknown whether the cable TV networks can handle the traffic that would ensue if millions of users began using the system for Internet access.Despite these problems, cable modems that offer speeds up to 2 Mbps are already available in many areas. |
download | To copy data (usually an entire file) from a main source to a peripheral device. The term is often used to describe the process of copying a file from an online service or bulletin board service (BBS) to one's own computer. Downloading can also refer to copying a file from a network file server to a computer on the network.In addition, the term is used to describe the process of loading a font into...

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