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Holocaust Denial Essay

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Who denies the Holocaust? How do they justify such a huge piece of history with so much documented, and say that it never happened? This is by far astonishing and a very gruesome way, it strikes immoral on many levels and is a true setback of human behavior. It seems that these people are trying to justify that it never happened or more the less minimize its death toll or significance in history.
Ernst Zundel has been leading Holocaust denier and white supremacist ideologue for several decades. He had served 5 years in prison for inciting racial hatred. IN the late 1970s he began running Samisdat Publishers, one of the largest distributors of Nazi and neo-Nazi propaganda and memorabilia in ...view middle of the document...

Chief justice Dickson stated “If the guarantee of freedom of expression is to have meaning, it must protect expression which disputes even the basic idea of our society. A real commitment to respect for freedom of expression demands nothing less.”(Source 2; Pg 1) The statement made portrays that people who deny the holocaust are showing little to no respect for what was truly fought for in the Holocaust. Freedom.
Mohammad Mahdi Akef said in his weekly statement, “Western democracies have criticized all those who adopt a view different from the people of Zion about the myth of the Holocaust” later he stated after developing connections with extremist organizations, he pronounced the “holocaust Legend.” Akef is a political leader in the middle-eastern; he views his statements true and had been favored by many neo-Nazis and other supremacists.(Source3;Pg1)
Not only do these individuals deny the Holocaust, but organizations such as IHR (Institute for Historical Review). IHR up rose in 1978, a group of what they called themselves “professors”, who actually had no credibility, as well as writers without degrees to support so. Basically they spread their anti-Semitic statements in advertisements in college newspapers, and also...

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