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Holocaust And Rwanda Genocides Essay

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Propaganda was an elaborate and essential tool used extensively by Hitler and the Nazi's as well as the Hutu's during their terrorizing reign of Germany and throughout Europe and the Hutu's horrific acts of genocide that happened because of a culmination of deep ethnic tensions brewing over a century and intense political corruption. Not only was it used to promote and endorse the party and its leader's extreme racist values but also to mask the horrifying truths of what was to become known as the Holocaust and the Rwanda Genocides.

Anti-Jewish measures and pogroms have taken place numerous times throughout history, but never to the extent and successfulness attained by the Third ...view middle of the document...

" (Bergen, 88). During this time Jews were being arrested simply because they were Jewish. This lead me to think of just how time hasn't changed and how we have not learned from the past, because right after September 11 happened Arab, Muslim or any Middle Eastern people were being arrested being they were thought of as terrorists. During our survival panel lecture I remember hearing Betty talk about how the teachers and students used to harass her and her younger brother. I really could not believe that even the teachers, who were educated, I thought they would be a lot smarter that to follow the ideology of Hitler. I understand they could not really stand up against him but they could have not encouraged it in school.

In Rwanda there were not as many forms of propaganda as there were during the holocaust or I should say they were less obvious. The main use of spreading propaganda was through their radio station RTLM. During the Genocide this is the means the Hutu's used to remain with other Hutu's as well as threaten Tutsi's who may have been in hiding or still alive, the announcer stated "who ever survives will regret that we stayed for the rest of his life" (Gourevitch, 112). There was also a newspaper that sent out violent propaganda towards the Tutsi's; one article read that the President as a "Tutsi-loving RPF accomplice, and the article explained that he would "not be killed by a Tutsi" but...

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