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Hollywood Paranoia In The 50s Essay

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With direct reference to at least two films, how did Hollywood address the paranoid, hysterical political climate of the 50s?

The Cold War began in 1947 between the USSR and the USA. After World War II, both countries began to distrust each other, as they knew the amount of power each country had in terms of nuclear weapons. Not only did they distrust each other, but they lacked a mutual understanding of each other’s culture. The USA believed in capitalism and the USSR believed in communism. This lack of mutual understanding caused mass paranoia within America as they feared that communists would infiltrate their society. This hysteria was known as the Red Scare which lead to “a range of ...view middle of the document...

Doesn’t have to be about 2 films during this part of the assignment. Certain articles could express opinons shown in different films and you can decide which ones to watch later. The reading and examination of the articles could help you decide.

Can talk about how some films were much more open about their anti message while others were more subvert

What part of the communism/nuclear fear is expressed i.e what it will do to people, what happens if they win, our children, our bodies?

Hollywood Paranoia and the Hollywood 10 as an example of Hollywoods addressing of the situation. Search- Hollywood 10 paranoia, Hollywood 10 50s paranoia

The Invisible Ray, Boris Karloff

^ Paranoia, the Bomb, and 1950s Science Fiction Films
 By Cynthia Hendershot
^ Of Body Snatchers and Cyberpunks: Student Essays on American Science Fiction ...
 edited by Sonja Georgi, Kathleen Loock

NUCLEAR – p.123

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