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Hollywood Goes To War Essay

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The Editorial "Hollywood Goes to War" was in The Wall Street Journal on April 28, 2006. The author of the editorial is unknown on The Wall Street Journal website.The editorial starts out with a brief description of a movie, "United 93", about the 9/11 plane that crashed in Pennsylvania after passengers fought back against their hijackers. The editorial then argues that the movie's opening timing is ok and people need to realize the threat of terrorism. The editorial also gives examples of movies about World War II and explains the similar points between those movies and "United 93".There is one conclusion drawn in the editorial. "By now, we should know better. As Mr. Beamer already knows too ...view middle of the document...

This information helps reason #1 suggestion that people have to look at "United 93" beyond entertainment.Reason # 2: "In the war on terror, there is no Frank Capra to make "Why We Fight," the Academy-Award winning series of 1943 documentary films that explained the origins of World War II and Hitler's machinations to the American people." (The Wall Street Journal, 2006) The movie, "Why We Fight.", sums up the historical and ideological information that was presented in greater detail during the other six films. It is also a rousing summation of what democracy means to Americans and why they must fight to save it, not only for themselves but also for the whole world. (IMDB, 2006) By giving an example, "Why We Fight", the editorial explains why people have to fight for terrorism. "The writer and director of "United 93," Paul Greengrass, has said nothing to suggest that he made this film for any purpose broader than honoring the memory of the innocents who died on September11." (The Wall Street Journal, 2006)The Editorial uses inductive reasoning to support the...

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