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I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out. Every NHL fan and many non fans have heard this humerous expression. Hockey is a game that combines speed, strength, fluid motions, finesse, creativeness, and yes, fighting. For some, fighting is just a part of the NHL. For others, it's an issue that needs to change. Every year, the NHL executives and the owners of every team meet to discuss the state of the game and the league. And every year there is one hotly debated topic, fighting.
For the minority of hockey fans, fighting is an aspect of the game that needs to be outlawed. I say the minority because they are just that. It's a hard sell trying to get people to buy into the idea ...view middle of the document...

Another argument is entertainment value. Hockey fans come to the games wanting to see fights (Melrose 2). Fans expect to see fighting at the games, and if outlawed the NHL wouls loose some of its fan base. Fighting in hockey is as old as the game itself. The very first hockey game ever played in Montreal, the epicenter of North American Hockey, ended in a fight. Hockey fight supporters argue that fighting in the NHL is an integral part of the history of the game (Melrose 1). If fighting has evolved along with the game, then why change it?
While the majority of hockey fans wish to keep fighting in the NHL, the opposition is slowly making headway to turn this around, and get fighting banned. The pro fight supporters have many arguments for keeping the fights in the game, some are even sound and reasonable. But, the facts show that the NHL could survive an ban on fighting. Sure, having to answer for hitting a star player by dropping the gloves and slugging it out does help prevent this. But, if players were assesed 10...

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