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Hockey Essay

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Hockey is a national symbol of Canada. At some time or another almost every person has watched or played a game of hockey. Every day families across the country sit down to watch men battle it out on the ice and play the game we have all come to love. Hockey is the most exciting sport in the world.

The fast pace game is made up of of three, sixty minute periods. If there is no winner in regulation time. The teams will play a 3 on 3 overtime period. The main purpose of the new format is entertainment. It creates a lot of thrilling odd man rushes. This is more exciting than the old 4 on 4 format. It was also designed to solve more games before they go to the shootout. The format change is ...view middle of the document...

Hitting has always been an important part of the game and a big hit the right time can change the momentum of a game. It brings your team alive and gives the something to cheer about. Fighting does the same thing by bring the crowd into the game. Teams have players that are out there just to throw big hits and fight with opposing players. This level of physicality gives it the edge over other sports that have a delay in the game every time a player touches another player. This slows the game down and makes it more boring compared to hockey.

Lastly hockey is the most exciting sport because it brings Canadians together to rally around their favorite team. During the world Junior Hockey Championship, the ACC was packed with Canadians cheering on there countries team. Ever since this tournament has started, it has because a Canadian tradition around the Christmas holidays. For many players, this is the biggest stage they will ever perform on. When you go to other countries you will still see Canadians cheering on there team. In the 2010 World Juniors in Buffalo, the arena was filled with mostly Canadians. To the point that the Canadian players said it felt like a home game. For the 2010 Olympic winter games, an entire nation sat down to watch the biggest goal in Canadian history, as Sidney Crosby scored the gold medal winning goal in over time. This beat the USA and was the first of two gold medals in the last two years.

Hockey is the most exciting sport in the world and is a way that our whole country can come together and create memories. Canadian’s have enjoyed hockey for decades and today it is only still getting more popular.

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