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Hobo On The Roof Essay

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Jeanine Leane
Jeanine Leane is a wiradjuri woman from south- west New South Wales. She achieved a doctorate in literature and Aboriginal representation before long career in teaching secondary and tertiary levels.
Leane was born in Wagga Wagga in 1954. She was raised by her mother and was educated in Gundagai, Armidale and Canberra. During high school, she presented poems into literary journals and to her teacher who gave her advice. Leane’s poems were mainly based on political issues and her Aboriginal heritage. After high school she attended Australia’s National University for a degree in literature and Aboriginal Representation. Leane wrote most of her poems during this time while ...view middle of the document...

They keep us locked away like dark secrets.
Never hearing our cries,
Never seeing our misery,
Never feeling our hunger
While the bones of Mother and Grandmother
Remember when this whole country was one big kitchen
Where the pantry was never empty…

Judith Wright
Judith Wright was an Australian poet, critic and story writer, publishing over 50 books. She was an environmentalist and activist, campaigning for the rights of the aboriginal community. In her opinion, a poet should be concerned with national and social issues.
Judith Wright was born in Armidale, New South Wales, in a wealthy pastoral family. Her mother died in 1927 and was raised by her Aboriginal grandmother. While attending a new school, New England Girls School, she discovered consolidation with poetry and was inspired to write some of her own. In 1934, she began at Sydney University and studied philosophy, history, psychology and English, without taking a degree. When Wright was in her 20’s, she started to succumb to gradual deafness. During 1937 and 1938, she travelled Europe and afterwards worked as a secretary-stenographer and clerk until 1944. At the age of 30, she Wright met J.P. McKinney and they were later married.
Most of her poetry was written in the mountains of southern Queensland while protesting against the political policies of Joh Bjelke-Peterson who was the premier of Queensland. During the mid- 1970’s, Wright moved to a town near Canberra were she wrote her nature related poems. She wrote plays for the Australian Broadcasting Commission and children’s books for a living, as well as giving lectures at universities. Wright was assigned a foundation fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities and an emeritus professorship of the Literature Board of the Arts Council of Australia. Her memoirs covered her whole life and were shown in 2000. Later that year, on June 26, Wright died of a heart attack at the age...

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