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HNW Asset Allocation Trends
Released on 21st March 2016


There is no single driver influencing HNW investment preferences. On the contrary, investment choices are determined by interplay of factors such as risk preference, economic forces, and investor attitudes. As we enter 2016 we expect a reallocation of assets, benefiting alternative investment holdings globally. At the same time, HNW investors are looking for cheap buying opportunities in the equity space.

Key Findings

- The most striking trend is the surge in alternatives, which constitute an increasingly large share of the typical portfolio as investors seek diversification from traditional investments. We ...view middle of the document...

- Understand the drivers that determine HNW investment preferences.

- Interpret the macroeconomic, demographic, and attitudinal trends that are shaping HNW investment behavior.

- Accompanied by an online interactive dashboard to enable users to select and view the data of their choosing.

Reasons to Buy

- Get fact-based insight into HNW investors asset allocation preferences from our proprietary 2015 Global Wealth Managers Survey.

- Remain a step ahead of competitors by anticipating investment trends and adjusting your service proposition accordingly to cater to HNW investors changing investment preferences.

- Be able to service HNW investors more thoroughly by understanding what is driving investment choices and how asset allocation strategies are going to change over the next 12 months.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary

HNW investment preferences are shaped by a multitude of factors
Key findings
Critical success factors

 Regional Asset Allocation Trends

 The global HNW portfolio is well diversified
 Equities dominate the typical HNW portfolio
 Alternative investments have become more popular, at the expense of bonds
 Despite recent downturns, commodities continue to find a place in the typical HNW portfolio
 Detailed analysis shows HNW investors have strong appetite for direct equity, local currency products, equity funds, and direct property
 Direct holdings constitute the bulk of equity investments, but ETPs are growing in popularity
 Bond funds are the preferred type of fixed income investment
 Local currency products prevail as part of HNW investors cash investments, but there are exceptions
 High direct property holdings limit wealth managers fee-earning potential
 Hedge funds have emerged as the preferred alternative investment among HNW investors
 Commodity ETPs have overtaken mutual funds in popularity
 There are significant regional differences when it comes to HNW investors asset allocation preferences
 The typical HNW portfolio in the West and the Middle East and Africa is heavily skewed towards equities
 Real estate features prominently in the typical HNW portfolio in Asia Pacific and the Middle East and Africa
 The drop in commodity prices hit investors in resource-rich countries hard
 Demand for alternatives is particularly strong in North America

 Hnw Investment Drivers

 Equity holdings are driven by the capital appreciation opportunities they provide
 Positive stock market conditions are driving equity investments
 Capital appreciation opportunities will continue to drive HNW demand, but not everywhere
 Dividend income as a driver of equity investments is of particular importance in a number of countries
 Bonds are traditionally important to risk-averse HNW individuals
 Quantitative easing in Europe will continue to have a...

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