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Hnd Business Essay

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You are working as an intern with MacTaggart Consulting, an organisation who deliver training on customer-related issues. As part of your training you have been asked to write an evaluative report on the customer care culture of an organisation of your choice.

Other interns are based in different parts of the consultancy. You have been encouraged to keep in touch with each other and form a mutual support group.

You decide to call a meeting with the other interns to discuss the report task. Your mentor says she would like to come along to hear how things are going and she offers to chair the meeting.

Send out an invitation to the meeting by email. Since this is a notice of ...view middle of the document...

A voice/video recording of the meeting may be made to help you with this task.

Tasks 3
Outcome 1 — Analyse factors contributing to a culture of customer care
Outcome 2 — Evaluate the customer care strategy of an organisation


You are working as in intern in a large consultancy that delivers training on organisational issues. One of their main areas of focus is excellence in customer service. As part of your training, your work mentor has suggested you create a portfolio of documents about customer care strategy and practice. This is your chance to impress! If you can do it well, it will improve your chances of finding a permanent position.

Your written task is divided into two parts.

(a) Write a short analysis (750–1,000 words) of the factors that contribute to a culture of customer care. Describe some recognised principles of customer service (eg knowing your customers; meeting and exceeding customers’ needs; engendering loyalty through customer satisfaction; establishing customer relationships and building rapport) and explain how and why they are important. Justify your reasoning with examples of actual practice (you may want to refer to the organisation you research for Task (b). Keep in mind the difference between acceptable and excellent customer service. Your analysis should focus on the following aspects of customer care:

Identifying and meeting the expectations of key customers
Dealing with customer care problems (at least two types)
Maintaining customer aftercare
Obtaining and monitoring qualitative and quantitative customer feedback

(b) Write a report of at least 1,000 words evaluating the customer care strategy of an organisation of your choice. Select an organisation that has printed information about its customer care strategy or policy (include this as an appendix to your report).

You might choose an airline, a local business, a national retail chain such as John Lewis, or Marks & Spencer, a travel agent, or an organisation in which you have worked yourself.

You will need to do some research to track down the information you...

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