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Hmrc Confirms Reporting Obligations For Recruiters

2502 words - 11 pages

“Manager” and (“asses” or “Assessor” or “assessment”) and (“refer” or “referral” or “referring”) and (“Learning disabilities” or “LD” or “mental health” or “learning disability”) and (NVQ4 or “NVQ 4” or “NVQ level 4” or “NVQ IV” or NVQ3 or “NVQ 3” or “NVQ level 3” or “NVQ III” or QCF4 or “QCF 4” or “QCF level 4” or “QCF IV” or QCF3 or “QCF 3” or “QCF level 3” or “QCF III” or “Registered manager award” or RMA) and (care or “social care” or “health care” or “home care” or “care home” or “residential care”)

(“referral manager” or “assessment manager” or “referral and assessment manager” or “referral and assessment manager”) and (“Learning disabilities” or “LD” or “mental health” or “learning ...view middle of the document...

NET and (Developer or programmer or “software engineer”)

“care worker” or “care assistant” or “support worker”

“nurse” and (RMN or RGN or “registered general nurse” or “registered mental health nurse”)

(“copy writing” or “copy writer” or “copywriter” or “copywriting”) and (digital or online)

Copywriting, SEO, Digital
(Consultant or advisor) and (eCommerce or “e commerce”) and (“web design” or SEO or “paid search” or merchandising or “web analytics”)

(Developer or Programmer or “Software Engineer”) and php and Magento

(“System Administration” or “System Admin” or “Systems Administrator” or “Sys Admin” or “system administrator”) and (Linux or Windows or MacOSX or MAC or Network or “Network Config” or “Network Configuration” or Scripting or Shell or Python or Perl or Linux)

“JIRA Consultant”
(“Business Architect” or “Enterprise Architect” or “Business Consultant”) and agile and (ERP or JCA or JBI or WS or ESB or Legacy)

("live in care" or "live-in care" or "live-in carer" or "carer") and (dementia or "mental health" or "mental ability" or "brain impairment" or "mental impairment" or "elder care" or "elderly")

Wintel and Support and Engineer

(Developer or Programmer or “Software Engineer”) and (Java or J2EE) and (TDD or BDD) and (agile or Scrum or KanBan or “Pair Program”)
(“Software as a service” or “SaaS”) and (configuration or implementation or configure or implement or configuring or implementing)

(Developer or Programmer or “Software Engineer”) and (C# or ASP.NET or MVC) and (HTML or Javascript or angular) and SQL or (Spring.NET or “Castle Windsor” or NHibernate)

(Developer or Programmer or “Software Engineer”) and (Java or J2EE) and (“Adobe” and (AEM or CQ)) and Fatwire and CMS

(Developer or Programmer or “Software Engineer”) AND “C#” AND (Html or CSS or Javascript or “java script” or Jquery) AND (XML or WCF) AND (“.net” or “”) AND SQL

(Developer or programmer or “software engineer”) and C# and (XML or “Web Services” or “webservices” or WCF) and (HTML5 or CSS3 or JavaScript or JQuery or Ajax) and (ASP.NET or MVC or Razor or “Web API” or RESTFul)

(Developer or Programmer) and (Java or J2EE) and (Hibernate or Spring or Grails or ZK or MySQL or "My Sql" or "My-sql" or ActiveMQ or "Active MQ" or "Active-MQ")

(“programmer” or “developer” or “software engineer”) and (Java or JEE) and SaaS

(“Teacher of Secondary” or “teacher of Secondary” or “Secondary teacher” or “Secondary teacher” or “teacher of Secondary” or “teacher of Secondary” or “teaching Secondary” or “teaching Secondary” or “teaching Secondary” or “GCSE teacher”) AND (QTS or “Qualified Teacher status” or “Newly Qualified Teacher” or NQT)

(“Teacher of mathematics” or “teacher of maths” or “maths teacher” or “math teacher” or “teacher of math” or “teacher of maths” or “teaching maths” or “teaching math” or “teaching mathematics”) AND (QTS or “Qualified Teacher status” or “Newly Qualified Teacher” or NQT)

“Mathematics Teacher”...

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