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Hlth410: Unit 1 Individual Project Essay

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Grade Received: "A"

Within this paper, I will talk about what is the right way to solve this scenario by exhausting duty-oriented, consequence-oriented, and virtue-ethics reasoning. After all of that, I will discuss what the outcome is when individuals apply different principles of healthcare conclusions as well as how a person determines who is correct when multiple conclusions are found.

Having to Sacrifice One to Save a Dozen More
There will always be difficult conclusions that have to be made with people that work in the medical field. There will always be instances where sacrifices have to be made to save the lives of others.
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Certain individuals might say that utilitarianism is a theory where change is focused on being happy or pleased and consequentialism is a moral ideology that decides what is correct and incorrect instead of what the conclusion of an action produces (Consequentialism, 2013).
Justify your answer exhausting duty-oriented reasoning
This kind of reasoning explains itself. Choices are made from the duties and responsibilities of the paramedics. It is the paramedic’s job to amplify the number of individuals that can be saved at any time. Paramedics also take the oath of doing no harm to patients. This case, in my eyes, is exceptional due to the fact that one life will be sacrificed to save all of the children; however, this must be done in the most compassionate manner as possible (Fremgen, 2012).
Justify your answer exhausting consequence-oriented reasoning
If one tries to make a distinction between consequentialism and utilitarianism in terms of what is correct and what is incorrect, the consequentialists might say that even though letting someone die is wrong, it can be accepted due to the fact that this saved the lives of these twelve kids. The anthologists might say that sacrificing the scoutmaster is wrong, no matter if it benefits the lives of others or not. Regardless of the case, the repercussion of having to sacrifice a life to save others is not only the more preferable consequence, but it will be acknowledged by other individuals because of what was done (Consequentialism, 2013).
Justify your answer exhausting virtue-ethics reasoning
A primary challenge within ethics is an individual’s ego. Ethics help individuals to understand what they should do, not what they choose to do. This is thought to be a conflict of interest amongst what someone should do and what someone chooses to do. Virtue ethics tries to explain that there is not a problem amongst what an individual chooses to do and what that individual ought to do if that person chooses to do what he/she wants to do. Virtue ethics tries to explain a good individual and his/her values (Fremgen, 2012). Values are basically habits, or someone’s character. So, with that being said, what type of individual is considered to be a good one?
With the scout leader and the young scouts, as a paramedic, I have to question myself on what is the correct option to choose. The scout leader must also show his scouts that he would risk his own life if he could save all of their lives. One another note, this will set a great example to the young scouts that there could be times when they may have to risk their lives for someone else to live.
What occurs when individuals apply differential standards to medical-related choices?
Within the medical profession,...

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