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Hong Kong’s free-port status, mature trading infrastructure and geographic location make it an ideal city from which to develop your logistics and supply chain management business. As trade with Mainland China and across the region continues to rise strongly, logistics providers with a strong business proposition will find a dynamic business community receptive to new technologies and services. The supply, storage and distribution of high-end products – including art and wine – is an area that is attracting particular attention.
Hong Kong is the largest community of shipping, freight forwarding and logistic providers in Asia. It is ranked 2nd in the World Bank’s Ranking on Logistics Performance of 2012. It has a strategic geographical location connecting half of the world’s population within 5hrs flight and sharing border with Guangdong Provinces of China. It holds world’s busiest international air cargo and also ranked third after Shanghai and ...view middle of the document...

Sending products from one international destination to another can involve a multitude of carriers, requirements and legalities.
Hong Kong is the 10th largest merchandise trading entity and one of the world’s most trade oriented economies in the world.

Below table showing the total freight movements (Inward + Outward) in (million tonnes).

Hong Kong’s freight movement showed solid growth in the past two years. After growing 10.4% in 2010, total freight movement achieved a growth of 2.3% in 2011 despite the global economic downturn in 2011.
The main markets for international freight forwarders in 2010 were Asia (34.1% of total share), North America (33.7%) and Western Europe (27.0%).The Chinese mainland is the most important source of cargo for Hong Kong's freight forwarders. In 2011, 61.6% of Hong Kong’s re-exports were originated from the Chinese mainland.

* Maritime Logistics-:
* Hong Kong has one of the world’s busiest container ports, with nine container terminals offering 24 berths and 7,694 meters of frontage, and a river trade terminal that adds 3000 meters of frontage.
* Its harbor can accommodate 12000 TEUs at a time. According to the United Nations’ Review of Maritime Transport 2010 and Hong Kong Ship-owners Association, Hong Kong owns and manages 9.4 percent of the global total tonnage of vessels.
* As of June 2011, the Hong Kong Shipping Registry is the fourth largest register globally, reaching 62 million gross tons in 1,836 vessels.
* Hong Kong has Double Taxation Relief Agreement with 26 trading partners for further tax relief.
* The Hong Kong Shipping Registry can provide registration services outside normal business hour also.

* Aviation Logistics:-
* Airlines operating from Hong Kong enjoy the shortest flight times to the world’s most economically vibrant markets.
* It is connected to about 160 destinations, including 40 in Mainland through over 900 daily flights by over 100 airlines.
* HK provides the facility of Round-the-clock border crossings and one-stop customs clearance allow efficient transfer of goods to and from Mainland China and Hong Kong, and clearance of detained air cargo within 80 minutes.
* In 2011, some 3.9 million tonnes of air cargo passed through Hong Kong, and 53.9 million passengers used HKIA.

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