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Hiv Behavioral Interventions Essay

970 words - 4 pages

Allen Covington
HUM 201-001
Prof. C. Lincoln

Self-Reflection Essay
Self-reflection has been defined in a number of ways, but for the purpose of this thesis I will use it in a contemplative manner, toward the end of, relating how my experiences; ‘could affect my career as a Social Worker’. This self-reflection paper is personal. It shares the impact that HUM 201 has had on me, and my understanding of; what will be expected of me as a person and professional. As I understand the goals of the essay, it is to have someone consider and think about future uses of this knowledge being acquired. As part of my preparation for this paper, I looked back on the course from the ...view middle of the document...

Therefore what the ‘Social Worker’ represents is the human aspect that interfaces ‘Cultural Psychology’ and ‘Social Psychology’ with the person-in-environment (society) using a scientific approach, where each concept influences a number of services, such as; ‘assessment, case management, field work, counselor (psychology), and service coordinator, broker(linkage to services), activist, and advocate (sociology).

I registered for this class because it sounded like a meaningful choice within my vocational concentration. As stated previously I’ve had to make use of the social service agencies of New York City for as long as I could remember, born in ‘57 in the decade that gave America the “highest mass standard of living in the world” as I would come to learn decades later, my family one of many newly migrated southerners, had not by 1962 made it to that standard yet, we still lived in what the social critic Michael Harrington called “The Other America” and its “culture of poverty”, relatively invisible, people for whom work was sporadic, I remember meeting as a family the “social worker”, when she’d come to the apartment to interview my mother, this woman who would attempt to shepherd her through a very despairing time in her life. Many years later as my own personal crisis emerged, facing many of the same stigmas and invisibleness as a homeless person; it was a ‘Social Worker’ again that took on the roles vital to my successes, referring me to services and encouraging me to face each challenge, through her prodding I became a ‘peer educator’ at the agency where she worked, and learned firsthand what the social work principles mean to individuals like myself; ‘people aspire to reach their full potential ‘, and the use of a wide range of professional roles, methods and skills are vital...

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