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Hiv And Aids Essay

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What is the difference between HIV and AIDS? Not many people know about these illnesses and are uneducated about how to prevent this contagious virus from spreading. Well in this paper, I will inform you of what the HIV virus and AIDS really is and how they are different from each other. I will also go over how the immunity system is affected, the treatments necessary for HIV and AIDS patients and the precautions that are necessary to avoid the HIV virus and AIDS.
HIV, which stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, is a virus that only humans can get. HIV affects the immunity system, which fights off infections, bacteria and disease, therefore; becoming ill, may be more common with people ...view middle of the document...

Accidental needle sticks when inserting IVs and giving shots as well into an infected person could transmit the virus. The HIV virus can be transmitted is very rare yet it is possible. During blood transfusions, HIV can be transmitted through the pints of blood that a patient receives. This transmit is very rare now days because blood screening and heat treatments, the risk of getting an HIV during a transfusion is less likely to happen. The third way to transmit the HIV virus to another individual is from the infected mother to her unborn child during pregnancy. Approximately one-quarter to one-third of all untreated pregnant women infected with the HIV virus will pass the infection to their babies (Guy Slowik, 2009). The risk of transmission increases with longer delivery times, therefore; the risk can be reduced by delivering the baby by cesarean section also known as C-Section (Guy Slowik, 2009). C-Section is a surgical procedure where the unborn child is delivered through an incision in the mother’s abdominal wall and uterus.
There is no vaccine available for the HIV virus, therefore; the only way to prevent infection of the HIV virus is practice safe sex by using condoms, not to share needles and syringes and to be extremely careful when you may become into contact with someone else’s blood such as health care workers. If you play the game, you pay the consequences. Be safe and think before you act. Know who you have sexual relations with and prevent the spread of the HIV virus.
Once diagnosed with HIV, one may not ever suffer any complications with the virus in their system. However, the virus still can be passed along to the infected person’s sexual partners. It is recommended that people with the HIV virus use protection when having any sexual contact with someone and that they are made aware that they have the HIV virus. Condoms should be used to protect against the virus. Also talking to you health care professional about the prevention as well can also give people good advice on how to prevent the...

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