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Hiv?Aids In Prison: Segregation Essay

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Drugs: Cocaine Does Kill
Death by cocaine overdose holds no favoritism among the classes of race, gender, or wealth; it destroys everything in its path. (Good opening sentence) A short time-ago the world lost Whitney Houston to a heart attack, but truth was cocaine took this remarkable icon from the world. The autopsy revealed she had cocaine in her system. If she had not been drinking and under the influence of cocaine, she may might not have drowned and would still be here today.
Cocaine is killing our children, families, friends, and communities. It takes away from the individual life span. It has an adverse effect on growth, development, and our people’s relationship with our ...view middle of the document...

Remember to use you own words to describe your research.)
Cocaine affects the deep areas of the brain; “These are the areas that reward us for “good behavior” --those activities lead to food, sex, and healthy pleasure” (Smith, 2011, pg.2). (good) Cocaine stimulates the brain and creates an euphoric rush of pleasure. Smoking crack cocaine causes a strong, short-lived high for three to five minutes. Snorting cocaine gives a high with major effect enduring more than 15 minutes but not more than 30 minutes. Smoking cocaine has increased in many cities throughout the world.
The psychological effect varies with doses and the tolerance of the user. It will increase alertness, wakefulness, decrease fatigue, increase concentration, increase energy, and will cause insomnia, and restlessness just to name a few. Repetitive use of cocaine leads to the need for more, and the dose will need to be elevated to capture the same effect. With higher doses comes the pattern of psychosis with confused and disorganized behavior, irritability, fear, paranoia, and hallucinations. The physical effects include increased heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and sweating. Other physical ailments consist of dilated pupils, decreased sleep, appetite, seizures, stroke, and heart attacks in some individuals. Increasing the doses and prolonged use will cause addiction.
(Watch the extra indent) After dependence has transpired, stopping the use of cocaine does leads to withdrawal. “Symptoms of withdrawal from cocaine are more psychological than physiological” (Smith, 2011, p. 2). The signs are depression, “anxiety, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, inability to experience pleasure, increased craving for cocaine, and physical symptoms, including aches, pains, tremors, and chills” (Smith, 2011 p.2). When coming down off the high the user will have the need to eat; if he or she has eaten large amounts of food they will wind up with diarrhea due to the chemicals in the cocaine. The next thing the users will want to do is sleep because they have been sleep deprived.
Most cocaine abusers suffer from poor health, poverty, employment issues, and poor interpersonal relationships. Relationships are gravely damaged or destroyed by users, their family, and friends. Family and friend They lose faith, trust, and respect for the user. The user’s main and sole focus is to achieve that next high, resorting to stealing, and manipulating loved ones to obtain drugs. This definitely puts a strain on social and marital relationships, disruptions on the job, financial crises, and spiritual estrangement. (good sentence) The users will withdraw and lose interest in loved ones. “Marijuana is generally popular and cocaine is the second most popular illegal drug in the United States” (Free Drug Abuse Treatment, 2011, p. 1). Killing of an individual through cocaine abuse is something that starts from day one. (remember to put a comma after the year, when showing the page or...

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