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Hiv/Aids Essay

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HIVHIV stands for Human Immuno-deficiency Virus. It is the name of the virus that causes AIDS. Viruses are the smallest and simplest living organisms. They are so small that they cannot be seen under a light microscope. One requires an electron microscope to see them. HIV causes reduction of body's capability to fight against various infections in human body. It makes the body weak and sick.AIDSThe word AIDS stands for Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS is a medical diagnosis for a combination of symptoms, which results from a breakdown of the immune system. 'A' stands for acquired which means that it is obtained or received by a person and is something, which is not genetically ...view middle of the document...

g. lack of employment, poor agric prospects, poor public health infrastructure) that lead to proximate causes, e.g. willingness to sell blood and drugs to make money7)Migration to the city for work to support the family in the village8)Inability to pay for antibiotics to treat early genital ulcers or treat AIDS symptoms with ARV medsOTHER SOCIAL FACTORS昹ack of ability to read instructional texts on prevention and the consequences of HIV昦ge at which individuals start sex晅he viability of abstinence and monogamy (the AB of ABC)晅he neglect of condoms晈illingness to sell blood to earn money昬arning income by dealing in injectable drugs and subsequent vulnerability to their use昦ccess to good primary healthcare to prevent and treat HIV-AIDSSEXUAL BEHAVIOUR昄atest behavioral sentinel surveillance indicates that 12% of men and 2% of women reported sex with a non-regular partners in last 12 months昐tudies show that for a majority (80-97%) of married women, the only risk factor associated with their HIV status is having sex with their husbandsCONDOM USE:旳s per a study only 3% of married women in the reproductive age groups the use condoms.旵onsistent condom use by sex workers in some states range from 61-76%, but, condom use by sex workers with non-paid partners is no more than 4% to 12%旾n a study among wives of injection drug users in Manipur, only 15% reported condom use at least half the time in the past yearPRESENT FUNCTIONARIES昄icensed Blood Banks-1938 (government, private and others) blood component separation units State of the Art Model Blood Banks昐ubstantial increase in Voluntary Blood...

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