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Hitech Act Essay

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Healthcare and health information technology (health IT) are undergoing transformative change at an unprecedented pace. Strategic planning has become a major discussion point among CIOs, CTOs, CMIOs, and IT Directors. Whether it is implementing enterprise-wide electronic health record (EHR) systems, working toward compliance with the “meaningful use” EHR Incentive Program, enabling patients’ involvement through PHRs, transitioning to ICD-10, establishing insurance exchanges, becoming an accountable care organization, or even deploying a medical home, healthcare executives are confronted with a confluence of high-priority initiatives.
It is imperative to view health IT strategically from an ...view middle of the document...

e., Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act/HITECH/Meaningful Use, HIPAA, ICD-10), and technology (i.e., telehealth, big data analytics, clinical decision support, mobile health, social media, cloud computing, genomics, robotics, nanotechnology/nanomedicine, sensors, Open Source, and Real Time Location Systems)
Documenting planning assumptions—examples may include broad demographic implications, legislative/regulatory/policy challenges, broad health IT and HIM themes, healthcare cost mix/projections, macroeconomics, resource constraints and expectations, workload and capacity projections, compelling health IT/HIM opportunities, digital convergence potential, and human resources constraints and availability, leveraging industry (i.e., AHIMA, HIMSS, AMIA, IOM), health industry analyst insights and implications from health policy and interoperability standards,
performing competitive analyses, looking at organization strengths and weakness, opportunities and threats, Michael Porter’s Five Forces Analyses, Balanced Score Card Approaches, gap analyses, and conducting scenario planning (Whickham). We must consider political, economic, social, educational, environmental trends, if any. Capturing insights from organizational leadership and industry thought leaders Harnessing an organization innovation capacity as well. One of the largest components I see is communication. Communicate, communicate, and communicate (Whickham). Develop coherent strategic plan messaging using tools such as blogs and social media, newsletters, brown-bag meetings, conference presentations, collaborative tools and FAQs. Execute outreach relentlessly.
Establish top-down and cross-functional business-health IT governance. Include a chartered business-IT steering group to provide oversight, share corporate aspirations, and provide strategic direction. Also, the chartered steering committee will establish a focused workgroup. This workgroup must include broad representation from corporate, program offices, field-level stakeholders, mobilizers, and thought leaders.
The work-group engages in debate and collaborates on strategic issues. The group must meet once every two months, at a minimum. Also, the Health Information and HIT Strategic Planning team should continue to engage in biweekly meetings with the sponsor. Operationalize the plan. Implementing the plan may entail the following: Developing health information and health IT principles, goals, and objectives, Developing plan of action, milestones, and/or performance measures, driving strategic requirements and business architecture efforts, assisting in budgeting, health IT portfolio management, resource alignment, and human capital planning efforts, evaluating progress on a bi-annual basis (Tan).
Be agile; Update Health Information and health IT Strategic Plan on a quarterly basis. The core team will include a minimum of three and maximum of five players spanning strategists,...

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