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History Vocabulary 9th Grade Essay

2200 words - 9 pages


Goal 1
1. Historical narrative
2. Temporal structure (beginning, middle, end)
3. Time line
4. Historical succession
5. Historical duration (continuity)
6. Primary sources
7. Humanity
8. Historical passage
9. Historical perspective
10. Historical context
11. Literal meaning
12. Historical fact
13. Historical interpretation
14. Historical data
15. Hhistorical analysis
16. Cause-and-effect relationship
17. Value-laden
18. Moral convictions
19. Critique
20. Hypotheses
21. Historical inquiry
22. Eyewitness account
23. Statistical compilations
24. Journals
25. Census
26. Artifacts
27. Economic indicators

Goal 2
28. ...view middle of the document...

44. Imports- bringing in needs from foreign countries all over the world.
45. Theocracy – a form of government in which God or a deity is recognized as the supreme civil ruler.
46. Democracy -government ruled by the people
47. Oligarchy – form of government in which one family or one person powerfully rules.
48. Tyranny – the government or rule of a tyrant or absolute ruler.
49. Aristocracy – a government or state ruled by a privileged upper class.
50. Complexity -the state or quality of being complexed ; intricacy
51. Distribution of power -sharing of ruling over people
52. Central government -they are in a governing system concerned with areas that affect the entire nation.
53. Unprecedented – never been known or experienced
54. Commerce – an interchange of goods or commodities on a large scale of different scale of different countries or the same country. Trade; business
55. Greece – a republic in Southern Europe
56. Rome -Capital of Italy
57. India – Subcontinent in South Asia
58. China – a country in East Asia
59. Codifying laws – to reduce principle or regulations in a community.
60. Code of Hammurabi -a Babylonian legal code of the 18th century BC or earlier, instituted by Hammurabi and dealing with criminal and civil matters.
61. Draco’s Code – was derived from Draco the Greek codifier of law. He served as the first legislator of Athens; Greece,in the seventh BC
62. Justinian’s Code -
63. Theodosius’ Code – when he made the code it caused some emperors to become Christians.
64. Democracy – government by the people.
65. Mongol Empire – existed during the 13th and 14th century in Europe.
66. Mughal Empire – existed from 1526 to 1757 in India.
67. Ottoman Empire – turkish empire that was established in 1453.
68. Ming China – Empire of the great ming that was the ruling dynasty for 276 years. (1368-1644)
69. Mesoamerica -established during the 15th and 16th centuries.
70. Inca Empire – (1458- 1533) largest empire in the pre-columbian area
71. Imperial African states – (1300-1629) The oldest and longest are in Ethiopia.
72. Cultural exchange/diffusion – prolixity of speech or writing
73. Legacy – anything handed down from the past or from an ancestor
74. Silk Roads - international trade route between China and the Mediterranean.
75. Roman Empire – the lands and peoples subject to the authority of ancient Rome.
76. Internal weaknesses – internal problems within your empire.
77. External invasions – problems outside your empire
78. Macchu Pichu -
79. Pyramids of Egypt – a massive monument with a square base and four triangular sides; begun by Cheops around 2700 BC.
80. Greek art -
81. Roman art -
82. Architecture – the profession of designing and building buildings.
83. Systems of government -
84. Paper money – currency in paper form, such as government and paper notes, as distinguished from metal currency.
85. Indian Decimal System -
86. Irrigation –...

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