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History's Greatest Conduits Shaping Globalization Essay

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Argumentative Essay
The World before the Internet: History’s Greatest Conduits Shaping Globalization

Globalization is the new catchphrase commonly used by government, business and the media outlet to describe the increased speed in which the “world connects markets, finance, technology and telecommunications” [ (Friedman 2000) ]. Theorists describe globalization as a living and breathing entity with sovereign power over the world’s cultural, economic and political state. Its ability to connect individuals instantaneously through popular social mediums as Facebook, email, and smart phones, add to the public’s “rock star “infatuation. This complex “super power” continually ...view middle of the document...

[ (University n.d.) ]. These trading routes connected East Asia to the Mediterranean, linking China to the Roman Empire. Today’s governments, agencies and individuals attempt to protect the Internet’s travel of information as the Silk Road travelers reshaped alliances between countries, and military forces to protect their economic, cultural and technological interests. In addition, Soldiers lost their lives to defend this conduit to maintain the prosperity and power of Chinese dynasties. Mongolian leader Kublai Khan established diplomacy with the west when he appointed Venetian merchant traveler, Marco Polo to his court for 17 years. Marco Polo’s documentaries of Chinese Culture opened a new door to the west, whose inhabitants had minimal knowledge of this intriguing civilization. The Chinese empires experienced significant growth due to increased trade with worlds that now included an expanded economic system. The Romans paid high prices for the purchase of silk resulting in huge profits for the Chinese.
The Globalization of culture via the Silk Road constructed a bridge of enlightenment integrating Asia with Europe. Missionary expeditions resulted in the development of newly established religious groups containing elements of several disciplines including Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Manichaeism and ancient Greek. Buddhism traveled through the Silk Road from India and is now one of the top 3 religions in China.
The last point of discussion on globalization through the Silk Road is the technology impact. As I previously pointed out, the Romans were obsessed with Silk. They were enamored by this delicate fabric and could not get enough of it. The Han Dynasty (206 BC–220 AD), in a showing of early capitalism, implemented one of today’s supply and demand business strategies: they monopolized the market by keeping the silk production technology a secret. Notably, the Chinese provided revolutionary inventions to the west: paper making, printing, compass, gun powder and ultimately silk making [ (Chinese Travel n.d.) ]
By the end of the 14th century, the Silk Road fell to its demise as a road less traveled. A new conduit took over the role of shaping globalization. Maritime travel enabled globalization from the 14th -19th centuries. For the purpose of this paper I define...

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