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History Research Eassay Essay

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Introduction -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------3
History of the Canadian Border until 1914------------------------------------------------3
The role of the US and Canada in the Great War-----------------------------------------5
World war and its outcome ------------------------------------------------------------------7
Impact of the war on the US –Canadian relations-----------------------------------------8
Modern day relations between US and Canada--------------------------------------------10
American –Canadian economic relations --------------------------------------------------11 ...view middle of the document...

It also delves into the area of local reactions to the actions taken to better monitor the cross-border movement of the enemies, undesirable immigrant groups and the Military Service Act, 1917. In a nutshell, this paper provides an insight into how Canadians and the Americans interpreted the war, nationalism and the Canada-US relationships.
History of the US-Canadian Border until 1914
The treaty of Paris, signed in 1783, ended a bitter war between the British and the United States, but failed to bring any long-term relief to North America. The tensions continued to remain high between US and the northern part of North America for the three decades to come. At this stage, United States stood too divided to stand another fight against the British. The search for peace and stability led George Washington to send Chief Justice John Jay as a diplomat to England in 1794. A treaty signed by Jay in 1794, known as Jay’s Treaty, consolidated US’s control over the Northwest boundary with the remaining colonies of Britain, which later became Canada.
The American Revolution had divided the people of the region into two groups – Patriots and Loyalists. At the outset of the revolution, the revolutionaries hoped for the support of the French Canadians. When Canada was invaded during the revolution, thousands joined America and formed regiments that fought during the war. However, most remained neutral, while some joined the British. After the war, Canada became a refuge for those loyalists who either wanted to leave US, or were compelled by the Patriots to do so. The border gradually entered and affected the lives of people in different ways, depending on their region, heritage and proximity to the border. People living in United States and Canada blamed outsiders and unseen governments for the hardships of the conflicts between them and the war, rather than each other, with whom they shared meaningful cultural, economic and social relationships.
Prior to the World War, Canada had frequently been subjected to the threats of annexation and the possible use of military to settle the border disputes. Canada, being perceived as a territory of the British in North America, was thought to pose a threat to the existing territorial integrity of the United States. However, these views changed after the Treaty of Washington was signed in 1871, and Canada was no more a threat to America. The border between the America and Canada was referred to as the longest undefended border in the world. In short, the relations between the two nations were harmonious.
However, these attitudes varied as the time progressed. The border was politicized and bureaucratized in the years to come. This led to the materialization of the images and the sentiments that the people associate with the border. Until the nineteenth century, the North Americans were what historian Bruno Ramirez has called Societies in motion. The decision to cross the border was solely dependent on the economic...

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