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History Reactions Essay

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Indian media was generally positive in its response to the visit and hailed the new closeness between the two countries.[31] Commenting on the visit Senator John McCain stated that he hoped that India and U.S. will increase military cooperation in view of "China's troubling assertiveness". He also expressed support for India joining the UN security council.[32] Jeffrey R. Immelt CEO of General Electric talking about the visit said Obama's was a game changer for both countries and that he saw it as a win-win situation on both sides, if they played their cards right.[33]
 Pakistan - U.S. support to India on the issue of a permanent seat in UN security council was immediately ...view middle of the document...

The fact that he (Obama) is mentioning India by name, that the US are accepting a developing country, pulls the door open for other big emerging countries like Brazil or others in Africa."[36]

Speculation on cost

An Indian media source reported that the trip would cost US$200 million per day, more than the cost per day of the Afghanistan war, and that 34 U.S. Navy warships would be involved, an assertion that was picked up by Republican Michele Bachmann, and conservative pundits including Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh to criticize Obama. The New York Times then published that the true figure is "Nothing close to that" and President Clinton's visit to Africa in 1998 cost US$3.6 million per day.[37]
Fox News reported the Indian news' exaggerated claims, and in their news report stated the government's statements of much lower figures.[38] According to the Hindustan Times, all 440 rooms of the ITC Maurya hotel have been reserved for the President and his entourage.[39]

ISLAMABAD: The symbolism, trade deals and fine words of Barack Obama’s courtship of India should be Pakistan’s wake-up call to fix its economy and eradicate militancy to ward off isolation, analysts say.

The US president declared India a world power, the India-US alliance “one of the defining partnerships of the 21st century” and unveiled deals worth 10 billion dollars designed to create 50,000 American jobs in an ailing economy.

Going further than any US president before, he backed India’s quest for a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, although with no immediate prospect of reform and likely strong Chinese opposition, it was a largely symbolic move.

Just weeks after Pakistan’s latest round of “strategic dialogue” with the US in a bid to overcome mistrust, the warm embrace between Obama and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stood in stark contrast.

“Pakistanis have to be more realistic on understanding India’s growing international role,” political analyst Hasan Askari told AFP.

“India is investing in the United States while our economy is in bad shape. There is no Pakistani investment in the West, very little in the Middle East. We ask for money from the United States, while India does not.”

Indian deals will funnel 10 billion dollars into the US economy, while under a US Congress bill American taxpayers fork out 1.5 billion a year for development in Pakistan with promises of another two billion dollars in military assistance.

While Obama’s visit reflects the shift in power to emerging nations since the financial crisis, Pakistan is a considered client state with a Taliban and al Qaeda...

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