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History Of Vietnam War Essay

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The Vietnam War

The War in Vietnam remains a controversial topic. It is considered a war of waste, due to the amount of casualties, the duration of the war, and the money spent to fund it. America’s role in the Vietnam War went from sending assistance to South Vietnam to eventually having to intervene. The mission of the U.S. soldiers in South Vietnam was compared to the same mission of the Europeans, such as Casmir Pulaski, who assisted America in its fight for liberty. During a press conference on June 23, 1964 President Lyndon Johnson stated,” This is not a jungle war, but a struggle for freedom on every front of human activity (Lansdale, 1964, p. 78).” America felt that they ...view middle of the document...

841).” That was not actually the case; Americans were not winning or even close to the end of the war. By 1966 there were 100,000 troops fighting the war against communism in Vietnam with more than 4,000 casualties. The President finally admitted that the character of the war changed and by 1967 there were 500,000 troops in Vietnam (Brinkley, 2007). Media coverage during the Vietnam War were uncensored. The conflict was extensively covered on television news daily. There were often graphic images of slain soldiers and civilians, bombings, combat, and scared children that would ultimately have an effect on the popularity of the war and caused a growing controversy. Both Presidents, Johnson and Nixon, accused the media for presenting the war in a sensationalized and overly critical manner. They believed that the media coverage of the war jeopardized military security, weakened troop morale, and fueled the anti-war sentiment (Media Bias, 2009). Many politicians turned against the war and would often share their feelings with the media, like Senator J. William Fulbright, who staged televised congressional hearings to air criticisms about the conflict in Vietnam. Not only was Americans growing weary from the War but the economy started to spiral downward and the culture began to make a rapid change.
The war in Vietnam as well as the civil rights movement had sparked new political and social tensions. There was a new culture on the rise that produced music that had political opinions opposing the war (folk music). Civil rights leaders and many politicians opposed the war. There were people protesting across the world. It appeared as one small protest would provoke another protest. “Hell no, we won’t go” were chanted and painted on signs by men who had to report to selective services. Americans men were being drafted for war but many men resisted and were imprisoned while other fled the country to live in Canada. There were an estimated 200,000 men who chose to flee the country in to live in exile (Davidson, 1968). If they were caught they would face a fifteen years of imprisonment. College students were not...

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