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Travel was dangerous, expensive and time-consuming activity that was rarely undertaken unless for business, adventure, to flee disease or war and a few other reasons, none of which leisure. Early travellers shouldn't be classified as Tourists.Means of travel included foot, animal or by ship or boat. The simplest being foot, although horseback improved the pace walking did not hinder the distance one could travel. Camels, donkeys bullocks and elephants were also used whilst travelling, when using animals as transport it made the trip both expensive and allowed the traveller to carry more supplies for trade or suchlike. Early sea vessels varied from dug out tree trunks to the complex Roman galleys. ...view middle of the document...

Alexander the Great travelled to India and found the road systems and facilities well arranged.It was during the same period that pleasure travel begun taking place in China and Japan. The Chinese emperor, Wu Di travelled plenty in the 2nd century. His adventures were well described in his writing.During the reign of Elizabeth the 1st tourism reached a high. Coach travel had become popular because of its style. Young gentlemen who came from wealthy backgrounds undertook the Grand Tour in this era. They would travel to parts of Great Britain, France, and Italy, it was considered crucial for the education of the young men. The tour was used improperly on many occasions, the youngsters would go on major shopping sprees and a lot of the time they would meet local ladies and generally behave badly.During the 18th Century, the Industrial revolution changed tourism considerably. A great deal of the rural folk joined the urban society, which allowed them more time and money to spend on travel.Thomas Cook was the first person around the world to begin chartered travel and open travel agents. His first chartered trip was a rail trip in which he offered two brass bands, a gala, tea and buns, and speeches for the guests. Tourism today has evolved significantly. Means of travel are more extensive, they now include air travel, car, a much improved rail system and sea vessels.I enjoy travelling having done it many times before. I think it is a great way to learn to appreciate your own environment or to find ways to improve it. I would say that today every family would have undertaken some form of travel. It is a great way to see the world and I think it will never stop developing.

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