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History Of Television Essay

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The television has become such an integral part of homes in the modern world that it is hard to imagine life without television. The boob tube, as television is also referred to, provides entertainment to people of all ages. Not just for entertainment value, but TV is also a valuable resource for advertising and different kinds of programming.
The television as we see it and know it today was not always this way. Let’s take a brief look at the history of television and how it came into being.


Different experiments by various people, in the field of electricity and radio, led to the development of basic technologies and ideas that ...view middle of the document...

From 1926 till 1931, the mechanical television system saw many innovations. Although the discoveries of these men in the department of mechanical television were very innovative, by 1934, all television systems had converted into the electronic system, which is what is being used even today.


The experiments of Swinton in 1907, with the cathode ray tube for electronic television held great potential but were not converted into reality. Finally, in 1927, Philo Taylor Farnsworth was able to invent a working model of electronic television that was based on Swinton’s ideas.
His experiments had started when he was just a little boy of 14 years. By the time he became 21, Philo had created the first electronic television system, which did away with the rotating disks and other mechanical aspects of mechanical television. Thus was born the television system which is the basis of all modern TVs.
All the early television systems were black and white, with color television being invented much later on. Since the early invention of television in the beginning of the 1900s, history has seen many firsts in the area of television.

Television was not invented by a single inventor, instead many people working together and alone over the years, contributed to the evolution of television.

1831 Joseph Henry's and Michael Faraday's work with electromagnetism jump starts the era of electronic communication.
1862 First Still Image Transferred
Abbe Giovanna Caselli invents his Pantelegraph and becomes the first person to transmit a still image over wires
1873 Scientists May and Smith experiment with selenium and light, this reveals the possibilty for inventors to transform images into electronic signals.
Boston civil servant George Carey was thinking about complete television systems and in 1877 he put forward drawings for what he called a selenium camera that would allow people to see by electricity.
Eugen Goldstein coins the term "cathode rays" to describe the light emitted when an electric current was forced through a vacuum tube.
Late 1870s Scientists and engineers like Paiva, Figuier, and Senlecq were suggesting alternative designs for Telectroscopes.
1880 Inventors Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison theorize about telephone devices that transmit image as well as sound.
Bell's Photophone used light to transmit sound and he wanted to advance his device for image sending.
George Carey builds a rudimentary system with light-sensitive cells.
1881 Sheldon Bidwell experiments with his Telephotography that was similiar to Bell's Photophone.
1884 18 Lines of Resolution
Paul Nipkow sends images over wires using a rotating metal disk technology calling it the electric telescope with 18 lines of resolution.
1900 And We Called It Television
At the World's Fair in Paris, the first International Congress of Electricity was held. That is where...

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