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History Of Sports Management Essay

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History of Sport Management
**Please describe in your own words the history of Harness Racing and the history of the first League in Baseball.
Harness racing is the sport of the common man. Since, most people in the 1820’ss used horse and buggy to get around they felt they could identify with it. With the fact that any breed could race and it was fairly cheap. At the start they held races in the streets, but later they were moved to the thoroughbred tracks.
The average working men were attracted to the sport and the wealthy stuck with thoroughbreds racing even though a lot of those races were fixed. Harness racing didn’t have the drama of thoroughbred racing and it was easier to watch. The races were much shorter which meant the horses could recover much faster. Also, they could hold many more races. By having more races there ...view middle of the document...

Only the best teams could keep fans interested. The Cincinnati Red stockings were all pro team and their eastern road trips drew enough fans to play for their travel and salaries. So all in all most of the sports we enjoy today as Americans were brought about from harness racing.
I could only imagine how things would be today if they had not taken the structure and organization used in the harness racing. This of us that enjoy cheering on our favorite teams could only wonder if that would even be possible without harness racing and baseball. The leagues we know today have grown into billion dollar corporations with fan bases that span the globe. Thanks to a few honest people who cared about the integrity of their sport.
**Who was Fred Corcoran? Why was he important to the game of golf?
Fred Corcoran was an American sports promoter, agent, and an amateur golfer. He had a diverse career in the world of golf. Fred started as a caddie at the age of nine and by the age of twelve he became the youngest caddie master in America. Among his innovations was the first tournament scoreboard that reflected birdies, pars and bogies in different colors. This is a method which is still used today.
In 1936 he became the PGA’s tour manager and the business manager of Sam Snead. There is a book out today called “Fred Corcoran: The Man who sold the World on Golf” and that is certainly what he did. In 1955 h took over the ailing Canada Cup which traveled the world promoting international goodwill through golf with teams and individual championships. The Canada Cup later became the World Cup and was played under Corcoran direction until his death in 1977.
The World Cup introduced us to several stars such as Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, and etc. Without Corcoran golf would not be the worldwide sport it is today. There aren’t many people who have had such a singular influence in the growth of a sport like Corcoran.
In 1975, Fred Corcoran was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame.

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