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History Of Roman Empire Essay

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History of Roman Empire

Many have credited Augustus Caesar as the first real great emperor of Rome. Modern historians know him as a historical figure made one of the most significant impacts in the ancient world. He became a Caesar after the Assassination of Julius Caesar (Buchan, 1937, p.18). Many people know Augustus Caesar for his effort and achievement of uniting the Roman Empire that became for over one hundred years. There has been a mixed reaction among many scholars concerning the life and rulership of Augustus. Some have viewed his achievements favorable while the other party sees him as a ...view middle of the document...

The three of them led their armies to Rome (Svyantek, 2010, p.293). The Roman Assembly granted their power for five full years. Having the full backing of the assembly, Augustus and friends entered into a bloody campaign against all those generals that did not support them. The land that they took in the conquest they distributed among their soldiers. The taking over of Rome is an achievement recorded in the life of Augustus.
Augustus together with his two friends ended the civil war that had been in Rome for a while. They did a division of the whole empire amongst themselves. Anthony took over the wealthy East; Octavian took over Italy, and Lepidus took Spain and Gaul. After some period, Augustus forced Lepidus to retire, and he took control over all the western provinces. After taking over the western provinces, Augustus concentrated his efforts against Anthony so that he could take control of the Roman Empire (Svyantek, 2010, p.294). Augustus achieved the defeat of Anthony after which he organized the Roman state. He did not create a Monarchy or any dictatorship but instituted the title of First Citizen.
Augustus achieved in returning the moral standards that were there in the past. He was able to restore the moral standards by establishing a code of laws and introducing social programs. The laws that Augusts passed reestablished the family unit giving complete power of the family to the man as the head of the house. The laws encouraged children bearing introducing penalties to those individuals who had no children by the age of thirty. The laws strictly forbid Adultery (Buchan, 1937, p.26). Men with wives received substantial penalty and taxes for not bearing children and those who had more than three children received tax breaks. The achievement in setting forth the following laws made him win the favor from many.
Not only did Augustus Rescue Rome during the years of civil wars but he also kept an honest government. He introduced a real money system for the people and extended the highway connecting it to with most of the empire. Augustus enabled free trade for citizens in the area and developed an efficient postal system (Svyantek, 2010, p.295). Augustus founded an imperial civil service distributing it into fourteen divisions to govern the city of Rome efficiently. After creating the civil service, he formed a bureaucracy that helped him control the new public service. There were urban allies who acted as the police force of those divisions, and it is either the Senators or Augustus himself who served as the division leaders. It is because of these reasons that historian feel made Augustus receive favor.
Despite the many achievements and support...

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