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History of Roller Coasters! ! Have you ever wondered who invented the roller coaster. Or what the first roller

coaster looked like? The roller coaster started with a simple idea and grew to become one of modern worlds most renowned park rides. The first kinds of roller coasters and how modern-day roller coasters differ from the roller coasters in medieval times.! Davis Bowers states in his research that, “Roller coasters can trace their origins back to the Russian ice slides”. He continues on to explain that the Russians were the original inventors of the roller coaster with large man-made ice hills. The rider would have ...view middle of the document...

” Belleville was the first ride to ever have the cars lock in to the track. Up until 1817, there had been no way to secure the sled to the course because nobody at the time had thought of using a track or metal guiding device to keep the cart from going off course. The idea sparked even more exposure due to the fact that there was a less likely chance of death (unlike other rides at the time). The Aerial Walk featured a heart shaped course where there were two tracks for two carts. The carts would start at the same time and travel around and to the top of the heart where both carts would meet and ride down a steep slope (Sandy).! ! There are vast differences in the roller coasters of today and the roller coasters

of the past. For starters, the roller coasters we ride today have been tested and were built with state of the art technology. There are also many different kinds of roller coasters for us to choose from as opposed to the one and only choice in the beginning. Another thing that sets newer roller coasters apart from previous models is the introduction to the mega coaster, according to Roller caster history, American Coaster Enthusiastics Worldwide, “A mega coaster stands taller or extends...

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