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History Of Rock Essay

858 words - 4 pages

Dan Deweese

history of rock #25

class wednesday 4 to 6:50

The book The Pop, Rock, and Soul Reader, Second Edition by David Brackett

Group 8:

Read all of these articles:
“Led Zeppelin Speaks!” 319-326
“’I Have No Message Whatsoever,’” 327-333
“Get on up Disco,” 350-361

Answer all of these questions:

“According to this interview, “The Crunge,” how does Jimmy Page account for his early career and success?

he does account for his early career an success by not being whoever the press wants him to be. according to the article he never wanted or desired stardom he just wanted to be him an be the best he can be. he always seemed like to try an better himself an work with ...view middle of the document...

he respects everybody who he worked with to make his music an took everything he did with the music to heart. he didn't let mistakes go by he fixed them before they happened. he takes on things that most musicians would at the time. he is very respected man in the history of rock.

In what sense were artists like David Bowie creating a public image for themselves?

they were trying to be different from the others stand out an get there message out to the people. david was making a image for himself from the get go. he came out that he was bisexual which at the time was shocking to people. he also did rock an roll to get out of debt an to show his message. he originally wanted to become a director for movies but he couldn't do that so he went into the music business an showed his film throughout music. so compared to other bands david bowie is way different in his image he is more outspoken an different from everybody that people liked him for that.

In what sense does Andrew Kopkind see in disco the triumph of artifice over authenticity? How did that mark a change in pop music?

in a way its true for some people that it did take over . it started a whole new era genre seen an culture for the world . in the end it did...

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