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History Of Psychology Essay

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History and Systems of Psychology

History and Systems of Psychology
The beginnings of Psychology seem to be up for debate. This is because it started off as as a totally different discipline. Philosophy is the true origin of Pyschology. In this paper these origins will be discussed along with the ideas, and systems that were put into play to allow Psychology to become its very own discipline.
Psychology seems to be one of the oldest fields of science, and at the same time one of the youngest. This is because the main study of Psychology which is the mind, can be linked all the way back to Greek Philosophers of the 5th century B.C. People who view Psychology from this view see it as ...view middle of the document...

He also established the Theory of Dualism, which gave us all the mind body problem which is still being heavily debated even today.
In the 19th century Wilhelm Wundt was a Structuralist, he is the founder of Experimental Psychology. He also donated Introspection, in this process we break down our thoughts and feelings into different compartments to determine our conscious experience. William James, sometimes called the Godfather of American Psychology, he taught the first Psychology courses in America.
A little later came Sigmund Freud, he brought us Psychoanalysis. He is remembered most for his unconventional outlook in Psychology. Bringing us the Id, Ed, and the Ego. He basically believed that things people did not get enough of, or too little of during childhood will adversely affect a person during adulthood. John B. Watson was a Behaviorist, he is famous for “The Little Albert Experiment.” He maybe even more famous for claiming that if you gave him 12 children he could mold them into whatever he wanted them to be.
Carl Rogers gave us the Humanistic Approach, stating that we are all born good. He stated that it is things we go through in life that change and shape our lives in a negative way. In his theory a bad upbringing can result in what society may see as, unacceptable behavior. Abraham Maslow a Humanist, brought to us the Maslow Hierarchy Pyramid. Stating that the first thing we all do is take care of our basic needs. They range from Physiological, which is water,...

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