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History Of Policing Essay

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It seems that every few years a new trend comes along that effects law enforcement. Several years ago it was racial profiling, before that it was Rodney King and police brutality. In the last two or three years there has been an alarming trend in assaults on police. It seems that we are losing officers at a faster rate than ever. People seem to have no respect for law enforcement nowadays. I don’t know if it is from the media making such a big deal out of corrupt officers, or just a general reaction to the economy. Whatever the reason, it is taking a toll on law enforcement. I know from experience that I hate reading that another officer has fallen. However, I read what happened so that I ...view middle of the document...

DNA testing is expensive and it takes a long time to get results. I wish I could have a DNA match in 10 minutes. It is usually more like 30-60 days. I wish I had a penny for every time that I have gone to a call and the victims wanted to know where the crime scene unit was. I tell them that I am it. They can’t believe it. The general public has no inkling what we do on a daily basis, and that they are probably the fifth burglary of a vehicle I have answered that day. If I spent an hour on each one I would never get anything done. BMV is also just a misdemeanor in Texas, so the chances of finding a lab that will take a DNA test for a misdemeanor is very slim. Only in extreme cases will the lab take such a sample.
Another issue facing law enforcement in the future is budget cuts. The last few years with the declining economy have really caused governments to cut budgets on public service. With no relief in sight for the near future, it will only get worse. Several of the constable’s offices in the Houston area have actually had layoffs if up to 50 deputies. This places the public at greater risk and slows response time. We are lucky that we have not had that in our area, but we have not had a raise or budget increase in 2 years, and it is not looking good for next year. With the price of fuel rising, it is hard to keep patrols going on what we have. Also crime is rising due to the economy and we have less and less to be able to deal with it. If the budget cuts don’t stop, before long police will be at a standstill.
In Texas, one of the most important issues is Border violence. The cartels are pushing further and further in, and US citizens are becoming the targets of the violence at an increasing rate. There are travel warnings that tell citizens to avoid border areas or else face the risk of robbery, kidnapping or murder. This problem is only going to get worse as time goes on unless both the US and Mexico pledge a whole hearted attempt to stop this. The problem is that the corruption in Mexico is so bad. It seems that is becoming the case in the...

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