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History Of New York Essay

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In the year 10,000 BCE two Native American tribes settled in what is now called Manhattan. Following that, in 1524, French explorers discovered New York State and allowed the Dutch colonies to retrieve the area in 1609. In 1664 England purchased the island of Manhattan and transformed it into a major trading port for the 13 original colonies. New York City then became an area of great population and diversity.
In the early 18th century, New York City was still owned by the British, but immigrants from the Netherlands, England, France, and Germany all took residence there as well as African slaves who were typically all indentured servants at the time. By 1740 approximately 500 out of 2,500 ...view middle of the document...

Farmers from the south would send their crops up the East River and from there it would be sent to other English cities. In 1825, with the opening of the Erie Canal, New York became more important because a new street system known as the street grid system was implemented. This made this metropolis one of the easiest cities to navigate because the streets could go through a number system starting north of Houston Street. Today, many other cities use this system as an important way to establish their city. Following that in 1837, construction began on the Croton Aqueduct, which provided clean drinking water for the city’s inhabitants. Then the last major improvement in the 19th century was the formation of the New York Police Department. This development meant there would be less chaos throughout the city; this was especially useful because of the increase in immigrants coming to America. At this time, a huge increase in the number of immigrants from Germany and Ireland were arriving to America. People from Southern and Eastern Europe then arrived to change the setup of the city. Each person settled in a neighborhood strictly with others of their ethnicity. In these areas they started businesses, joined trade unions, built churches, and even formed social clubs. Due to these establishments, areas such as “Little Italy” and “Chinatown” were established and are still in existence today. As well as Little Italy and Chinatown many other areas are inhibited by only one type of ethnicity. Since in certain parts of the Bronx and Brooklyn have only people of Hispanic dissent living in the area, there are separate areas based on what part of Spain or any other country they are from. This greatly helps to give culture and diversity to the borough as a whole.
In the 20th century, 5 independent cities took a vote and decided to unite into one area known as the “Greater New York Area.” These 5 cities were Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island. As a result of this consolidation, the Greater New York area expanded from 60 square miles to 360 miles and the population increased from approximately 2 million to 3,350,000 people. Throughout the 20th century, New York became a main world center for industry, commerce, and communication. The Interborough Rapid Transit, which was the first New York City Subway Company, began building and operating, as did railroad stations such as Grand Central Station and Pennsylvania Station. With these progresses, interstate highways were constructed. Wealthy citizens started to leave New York City and head down to the suburbs.
In the later 20th century, post World War II New York emerged as one of the leading cities in the world with Wall Street being the highest profiting location in the world. According to the NY Pass “The transition away from the industrial base toward a service economy picked up speed while the large shipbuilding and garment industries declined sharply. The ports converted to container ships,...

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