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History Of Motion Picture Essay

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What we can say for sure about “Casablanca” is that it is no ordinary movie. It is the movie. It has lived across time to win audiences who were born decades after it was made. Sooner or later, usually sees "Casablanca," and then it they fall in love with it. Centuries from now, it is very likely that people will be still watching “Casablanca,” but well this can happen when a movie is immortal.

It was my second time seeing “Casablanca” and the experience was not boring at all, in fact I think that the second time was more interesting than the first. Hence, the more you see it the more the whole film gains resonance. The first time we see the film we do not know what the relationship between Ilsa and Rick is, we ...view middle of the document...

The character of Viktor Lazlo seems very strange to me, particularly if we consider that he is a war hero. I think that his whole character should be more passionate and active. Lazlo not only appear blind to the undercurrent of feelings between Rick and Ilsa, but even when is clear that Rick and Ilsa had some kind of history, he reacts very calml. He does not make a scene and justifies whatever Ilsa may have done in Paris, which is really absurd. He just does not seem a man in love. Being a man that fights and is ready to die for his cause, it is expected of him to show greater depth of feelings and passion for the woman he loves. On the other hand we have Rick, who is “aggressive” and cruel to Ilsa; for he loves her so much that cannot accept that she abandoned him in Paris and is now in Casablanca with another man. His emotions are so strong that his need to show her how he feels seems vital. There is no middle way in his sentiments for her, only two options kiss or slap her, and he decide to insult her because his pride does not let him give in to his feelings for her. Whereas Lazlo shows his feelings very passively, Rick embraces them with all his might.

In fact, I think that a real life Ilsa would regret going in the plane with Lazlo, for I cannot see that her role by Lazlo’s side is essential, but after all “Casablanca” is not about love, but about nobility and sacrifice. In “Casablanca,” differently from other wartime romances, love does not overcome everything, nobleness is more important than love, as Rick says “it doesn't take much to see that the problems of three little people don't amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world.”

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