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History Of Judaism Essay

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Lorraine Rice
September 30, 2015
Dr. Kimberly Miracle

History of Judaism

In the history of Judaism God speak to a few people in lighting them of their future. Rebecca the second wife of Isaac is one that has heard the words of God. He spoke to her about the children that she was carrying, her two son would found two great nations, but the elder would serve the younger. So Rebecca gave birth to two sons, the eldest Esau and the younger Jacob. Jacob a shepherd tricked his brother into giving away his birthright with a simple bowel of food. But that was not the most important thing that happened to Jacob. Years later Jacob tricked his father into giving him blessing that were meant for Esau. Enraged Esau he spoke of killing him after their father passed. Rebecca hears of the threats and sends Jacob to live with his uncle.
On his journey to his uncle home in Haran it is said that he seen God walking up a ladder that went to the heavens, God promised the ...view middle of the document...

It would take his uncle being unfriendly to him, for him to move his wives back to his parents’ home. On their journey back home Jacob happened upon the spot that he seen God. That night as he slept he had a dream that he was wrestling a hooded man. Jacob and the hooded man wrested most of the night it only stopped when Jacob overpowered him, at the end to the tassel the man renamed Jacob, his new name would be Israel. The new name bought new meaning, he who wrestle with God. With things looking up the newly named Israel went home, and received blesses from his father Isaac who also blessed his sons. With Leah, Rachel and their handmaids Zilphah and Bilhah, Israel fathered 12 sons and one daughter.
Out of his 12 sons Joseph was is favorite son, this was known to his other sons and they staged to kill Joseph. But the task would prove to be harder than they thought, they ended up shipping him to Egypt, selling him to the slave trade. As Israel mourned his beloved son, Isaac his father passes. As he made his way from the land of his father, he heard talk of his son living and ruling in Egypt. When he reached Egypt Israel soon found out that his son had two sons of his own. On his death bed Israel adopted Joseph two sons, putting them in the same standing as his own sons when it came to giving blessing, but with Joseph being his favorite he gave him one portion more than his brothers.
At the passing of their father they received the blessing that God promised Israel, his descendants would have the lands of Canaan. The 12 brothers spread out on the lands of Canaan founding the twelve tribes of Israel. It is said the that name Jacob as well as the name Israel is the foundation of the whole nation of Israel.
Jacob the last son of Isaac and Rebecca, twin brother to Esau. Blessed form birth by God, he tricked his brother out of his birthright. Married Leah, Rachel and had nine children. He always took Zilphah, Bilhah and had four more children with them. He was giving a new name and land for his descendants by God. Both of his names laid the foundation for the Israel nation, and his 12 sons found the twelve tribes of Israel.

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