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History Of Immigration Essay

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Bernard A. Weisberg refers in his article?s title to the United States as a ?Nation of Immigrants? rather than a unique, ancient grounded nation. As Joe R. Feagin states in his ?Racial and Ethnic Relations? textbook: ?Immigration in the United States is its foundation, its uniqueness and its great strength?. Weisberg particularly emphasizes this idea because some American people, especially of white-dominant ethnicity, have forgotten that. This is the base of a present day controversy that discusses whether the united States should give up its ?immigration? status due to economic and political causes, actually originated since the first immigrant wave set on North American shore.According to ...view middle of the document...

This is the origin of the African American heritage in the United States: Forced migration. After the term of white indentured servants ended, these immigrants went into farming for themselves. That was the main reason for the white landlords to buy slave labor between the 1600s to the 1780, in order to provide better economic profits to the British colonies.During the time that the American Revolution began, the XVIII century migration showed its influence in the new born American society, as the author says: ?by 1782, the former English colonies were then separate states, linked by common interests and a common culture than was more than simply English." At that moment the new European immigrants realized that a new race was going to be created since individuals of all nations were melted into a new man, with equal opportunities to succeed and equal rights. The Laws for Naturalization of foreigners were dictated then. It was not until the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798 were passed that the Federalist-dominated Congress allowed the president to expel foreigners whom he saw as potentially dangerous on suspicion of treason, according to Weisberger.In the early XIX century, though, Jefferson?s optimistic vision on an enlightened and open-minded society and also the increase in industry manufacture brought back a substantially mass migration of Europeans to North American shores, specially among 1815 to 1850s. Emigration from Europe once again was founded in political issues that led to the escape of those immigrants. Two specific people came in more amounts to this land and they were the Germans (1,500,000) and the Irish Catholics (2,000,000) immigrants. There was a distinction, however, between the two; the Irish Catholics were: ?the most miserable of the English paupers? while the Germans, mostly located in Pennsylvania, Texas and other Western lands as well as New York, were re-creating ?Little Germanys? in those towns. The outside views of these immigrants were very different. The Germans were considered a ?Model Minority? due to theirs limited but successful opportunities, yet the Irish Catholics were viewed as a ?Problem Minority? due to their low waged jobs such as constructing railroads, canals and turnpikes. Similar points of view would be made in reference to two new arrived racial or ethnic groups that migrated later in the XX century.It was in 1849, however, when the second non-European mass migration (after the African forced migration) occurred in the history of the United States. These groups of people were the Chinese who had heard about the Californian gold and called the United States as the ?Golden Mountain? country. Like Irish Catholics, the Chinese provided a source of menial labor to the European Americans that dominated this North American country. Hence the word ?dominant? society versus the word ?subordinated? people came into the context. Also as the African or Native American peoples they were discriminated against....

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