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History Of Healthcare Essay

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In comparison to other countries, the United States has had a slow start to the development of health insurance. From the late 1800’s, the United States attempted to develop a universal government-funded insurance for nearly a century. During this time, other developed countries had developed some form of a social insurance, that later developed into national insurance. In the United States, however, the government was not taking any action regarding provisions with health insurance; instead, the government was leaving laws regarding health insurance up to the individual states. During this time, there were o legislative or public programs to provide funding for healthcare.
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” ( This was thought to potentially lead to the disbanding of unions, which was the opposite of the AFL’s overall goal of maintaining union strength. The private insurance industry opposed the proposal because it would have hindered their multi-million dollar commercial life insurance industry. Plans for this bill, or any bill regarding health coverage, was forgotten due to opposition from doctors, labor, insurance companies, and businesses.
In the 1930’s, there began an increased need to focus on financing and expanding access to care, as the cost for workers was becoming a serious problem. This is in part due to rising health care costs, middle class people using hospital services more, and the rise of hospital charges. This need developed a new committee, the Committee on the Cost of Medical Care, or the CCMC. First meeting in 1926, the committee met to research the need for medical care. Over a five year period, they published 26 research volumes and 15 smaller reports that detailed the need for medical care coverage.
Franklin D. Roosevelt became the first President to attempt to pass a bill regarding medical care coverage. In 1935, Roosevelt was unsuccessful as passing the Social Security Act of 1935. It was thought that the passage of this bill would hinder the overall passage of the Social Security legislation and was therefore excluded. His next attempt would come in 1939 with the Wagner Bill and the National Health Act of...

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