History Of Child Abuse Essay

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History of child abuse

February 15 2016
Chiffone N Shelton

In order to discuss child abuse and neglect it is important to have a clear understanding of what child abuse and neglect is and the different form of child abuse. How the various types of child abuse and neglect are different from one another, ill-treatment of children comes in many forms, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional ill-treatment, and child neglect. Child neglect comes in many forms and occurs when a child is not given the care, supervision, affection, and support that they need; neglect can occur through physical neglect, emotional neglect, medical neglect, and education neglect. What are ...view middle of the document...

How the various types of child abuse and neglect are different from one another, ill-treatment of children comes in many forms, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional ill-treatment, and child neglect. Physical abuse occurs when a parent or caregiver that causes an ono-accidental physical injury. Sexual abuse is any time a child is used for sexual purposes or is involved in a sexual act. Emotional abuse occurs anytime a child's mental and social development is harmed. Child neglect comes in many forms and occurs when a child is not given the care, supervision, affection, and support that they need; neglect can occur through physical neglect, emotional neglect, medical neglect, and education neglect.
what is the extent of child abuse and neglect, "nine out of every 1,000 children are victims of ill-treatment and neglect every year, according to the report, but that likely underestimates the extent of maltreatment thus it counts only those whose situations are d dire they are referred to authorities. That number could be as high as 17 out of every 1,000 children" (Ruiz, 2013). Child abuse and neglect have severed long-term and short-term effects on children and adults, the victim of child abuse and neglect have physical effects such as bruising, bites, scratches and even severe cases have brain damage and broken bones. Victims of abuse have behavioral effects such as acting out, aggression and unable to express and control their emotions.
how has the history of child abuse and neglect helped shape current policies, "Policy change in the child protection arena frequently has resulted from a synergistic set of factors: (1) the development of and reporting on evidence that a specific practice reform has had a positive impact, (2) the existence of one or more models or demonstrations of successful implementation of such reforms, and (3) a combination of clinician and advocacy community support for legislation that further promotes the reforms" (New directions in child abuse and neglect research, n.a.). The new laws implicate that everyone is a mandated reporter, any time you suspect abuse you are required by law to report it. Training is provided child-abuse and neglect and family violence to medical professional and educational professionals. “Child abuse has a lengthy history. Children have been subject to abuse by their parents or other adults since presumably the beginning of time....

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